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Peppa Zzing Bangalore Review

Peppa Zzing is located at No. 92, Kedia Arcade, Infantry Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560001. First of all I must thank both my cousins pavi and vicky who told me about this place its just a year old and they are so famous for giant and monster burgers peppa zzing is centrally located and very nice place to organize birthday parties.

Finally dad and myself made it to peppa zzing after a long wait we heard its packed during weekends and every afternoon so we made it by 8pm it was empty and we had the place for ourselves and enjoyed.
Kids and people who love fast food are surely in for a treat the menu is short and simple they serve regular size burgers, monster burgers which have 2 patties and extra toppings and then the ultimate giant burger which is huge and also served with extra topping if needed. they serve beef, chicken, lamb, veg burgers, pasta and hot dogs. 

My cousin was the first person to tell me about the place once I heard about it I was pestering dad to take me there i was so excited to see the giant burger but was sad at the same time just wished I could have gone there with few more friends and family . we ordered for Giant lamb burger and french fries ultimately we could  not finish what we ordered for....:)
After watching shows of Man vs Food I always wanted to see how a giant burger looks and tastes...If you want to enjoy the Adam Richman way then your in for a treat in our own city...YaY...:)

Serious yummy goodness the burger patty is mildly spiced very tender and juicy. I loved the sweet mayo...its upto you...can change and order for extra cheese in your burger.

 I had to parcel all the left overs and we enjoyed the next day as well mom liked the burger a lot.
The service and food is awesome its truly a treat for kids they will enjoy the most. do visit this place  This is not a sponsored review its solely done by me...Thanks for visiting my review...:) 

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