Thứ Ba, 31 tháng 8, 2010

Ginger tea lemonade

t may sound a little unusual for an Indian household but we do not drink tea in our home. Neither me nor hubby really liked it ever. The concept of iced tea however always had our fancy but again we never liked the taste, funny eh! So this recipe met me one day while I was watching Giada's show (again). As I usually like lemon flavors in my drinks, be it lemon tea, lemon soda or lemonade (you get the idea), this recipe struck home with me as she was making it. I went ahead and tried making it as-is and it was fabulous. It has a feel of a sophisticated mock-tail with tea and lemon flavors and a hint of ginger. Something you would want to sit sipping on the beach on a hot summer afternoon (yes you can put an umbrella in your glass :)
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Chủ Nhật, 29 tháng 8, 2010

Masala Vadai

  • 1 Cup Chick peas
  • 1 Cup Dill leafs (Finely chopped)
  • 1/2 Cup Coriander leafs(Finely Chopped)
  • 1 Large Onion (Finely Chopped)
  • 1/2 Cup Mint leafs (Finely chopped)
  • 1 Inch Ginger
  • 6-8 Green Chillies
  • 1 Inch Cinnamon stick
  • 3 Cloves
  • 3 Cardamom pods
  • 1 Tbsp Fennel seeds
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt to taste.

First Step:

Soak the split chick peas in water for 1/2 hour drain with a colander and set aside.

Lets prepare:

Coarse grind the chillies, ginger, and fennel seeds along with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom in a mixer grinder.

In the same grinder add the dal and coarse grind and reserve in a bowl in the batter add the onion, dill leafs, coriander and mint leafs mix and add salt mix well heat oil in a kadai or wok and make roundels out of the batter flatten and fry in oil to a golden brown consistency in a medium flame heat setting drain the vada and serve hot hot with rice or for chai...Enjoy...:)

Add salt to less batter fry and check for the masala and consistency.
If we add salt to the entire batter onion tends to shed out water and the batter will go watery 
do watch my live demo on youtube and see how we have done the batter.

I've also done a detail video demo on youtube do watch and try the recipe and post your comments...:)

Garlic Naan

ince the beginning of time, countries have invaded other countries. India has been no different. What sets India apart however is that most invaders ended up making it their home. This mixing of cultures has given India its rich diversity. With cultures comes their food and hence the rich diversity of Indian cuisine. Now I am no historian but from what little knowledge I have, I believe the modern 'Naan' bread evolved from a combination of middle eastern and local Indian cuisine. It is basically a round or oval shaped leavened flat bread made with wheat flour, salt, yeast culture and yogurt. Traditionally it is cooked in a clay oven or 'tandoor' and it is found in many avatars in central and south asia. Earlier it was mainly found in northern India being synonymous with Punjabi cuisine but now it is found in most parts of the country. I have posted the plain version of this bread before so I will not go into the details of how I got around to learning to make it. Lets just say this is the best bread I like and within its different kinds, I like the Garlic Naan the best. Soft yet toasty bread soaked in butter.. then dipped in curry of your choice.. ahhh.. out of this world :) just yum!!
Here's my version of the classic.

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Thứ Sáu, 27 tháng 8, 2010

Pea pesto crostini

Crostini is an Italian style appetizer that literally means little toasts. It is basically thinly sliced bread which is toasted or grilled till crispy, then drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper, either served as-is or topped with some pesto, cheese or other toppings. It is a great appetizer to make for a party and always a crowd-pleaser. The other day I was watching food network (which I am addicted to :) and saw Giada making these pea pesto crostini. I love pesto all kinds :) I liked it so much that I adopted the idea with my own tweaks by adding some ingredients and made it right away (I added mint, basil and chilli flakes and more garlic). I also just broiled the bread in my oven in place of grilling them. It turned out a great, crispy and toasty bread with sweet pea minty pesto. Two words... simply awesome.
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Keerai Kootu ( Dill Greens dhal)

  • 1 Large Onion (Finely chopped)
  • 1 Large Tamatoe (Finely Chopped)
  • 1 Large bunch of Dill leafs (Cut into 1/2 inch peices)
  • 10 Pods Of Garlic ( Smashed a bit using mortar and pestle)
  • 4 to 5 Curry leafs
  • 3 to 4 Green Chilles (Slit in the middle)
  • 1/2 Cup  Split Mungbeans  ( wash and cook in a pressure cooker)
  • 1 Pinch Asafoetida 
  • 1 Tbsp Chilly powder
  • 1/2  Tsp Coriander powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Turmeric powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Mustard seeds
  • 1/2 Tsp Split Black gram dal
  • 1/2 Tsp Cumin seeds
  • 1 Dry Red Chilly
  • 2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil 
  • Salt to taste.
Heat a wok add oil temper with mustard seeds and cumin and black gram dal and add red chilli add asafoetida and fry for a sec add  curry leafs and onions and fry add the tomatoe and green chilly fry add in the dry masala chilly powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder fry add dill leafs fry add in salt and fry add 1 cup of water stir and cover till the greens are cooked check in after 10mins it should be done add in the cooked dhal stir and cover for 2 mins and serve hot with rice or roti....enjoy...:)  

I've also done a detail video recipe do look into and try this recipe its good for health and post your comments...enjoy...:)

Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 8, 2010

Ras Malai - My 50th post :)

 can’t believe its my 50th post already.. and it’s been loads of fun all the way. USMasala is not even two months old and I am very very proud of this milestone :) I have been totally addicted to the world of blogging... my hubby can vouch for that :D as am ignoring everything else. Your encouraging comments is always the first thing I read in the morning and they always make my day. I have made so many friends and have discovered so many wonderful blogs it feels awesome!! I am thankful to all my readers especially my fellow bloggers who welcomed me with an open heart in the blogsphere with their encouraging words. Guys your love and support is the reason I have become 100 times more passionate about cooking, experimenting, taking beautiful pics... ok now the big confession all the pics of USMasala which I always get compliments for is taken by my dear hubby... so I thank him too for making my blog wonderful and so colorful... Thanks sweetheart!
So to all you wonderful people out there, a big THANKYOU and watch out for more from USMasala. LOVE you all!!
For my 50th I have chosen my hubs all time favorite Indian sweet Ras-malai. Hope you guys like it.Ras-Malai, soft spongy and delicate cheese balls in a creamy thick sweetened milk sauce with a hint of saffron, nuts and green cardamom, is a delectable and one of the most popular of all Indian desserts.
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Thứ Ba, 24 tháng 8, 2010

Egg Paratha


  • 1 Cup of maida (all purpose flour) 
  • 2-3 Eggs
  • 1 Tbsp chilly flakes
  • Water for kneading the dough.
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt to taste

First Step:

  • In a bowl add the flour chilly flakes and 1/2 tsp of salt and knead add 1tbsp of oil knead and set aside for 1/2hr.

Second step:

Third step:
  • make roundels out of the dough and roll out using oil.

Final step:

  • Heat a tava or pan and place the roti and allow to cook for a sec then pour in the egg on top spread all over the roti and fold in desire shape and fry with vegetable oil. serve hot with ketchup and enjoy...:)

I've also done a detail video recipe do watch and enjoy...:)

Corn Fenugreek Pulao

I typically avoid elaborate cooking over weekends and always prefer one pot meals. One pot meals with rice is usually the most convenient. So here is the rice pulao I made this weekend using corn and my all time favorite methi (fenugreek) leaves. It tasted great... simple homey, aromatic and flavorful. The slight bitterness of methi, sweetness from the corn cooked with rice and spices. I know I am going to make it often!

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Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 8, 2010

Meatless balls with spaghetti

After coming to the US, as I got more familiar with the local cuisine, I found that spaghetti and meat balls were a staple, especially with kids. I was always curious what they would be like, but being a vegetarian never tried them. Then one fine morning it struck me "how about making a vegetarian version of meat balls" or 'meat less balls '. The more I thought about it soy seemed a natural choice to replace the meat. I combine soy with vegetables and spices and baked them. They are fun, easy and taste just great. My little princess loves it :)
So here is my attempt at recreating the classic in its vegetarian version.
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No cook ~*~Bhel Chat~*~Healthy & Simple.

2 Cups Puffed Rice (poori, Mandakki)
1 Large Tamatoe (Cut into small cubes)
1 Large Potatoe(Boiled and cut into cubes)
1 Large Onion (cut into cubes)
2 Medium size Carrots(shredded)
1 Cup Cucumber( De-seededand cut into cubes)
2 Green Chilles(Finely Chopped)
1/2 Cup Sev or Ompuri (any chips or baked cornflakes can be used)
2 Tbsp Coriander leafs (Finely Chopped)
1 Pinch of Chat masala(optional)
1 Pinch of Dry Mango Powder = Amchur powder (optional)
1/2 Slice Lime
Salt to taste.

In a bowl mix onion, tomato, cucumber, potatoes,chilly,carrot,chat masala and amchur powder mix well...before serving add lime salt sev and puffed rice and garnish with coriander sev and chat masala.
serve and enjoy...:)

This is a very simple recipe best for kitty party of late night snack even taste good with tea or coffee.

I've also done a detail video demo do try this recipe and post your comments...:)

Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 8, 2010

Dark chocolate nutella Truffles

Some wise man once said "there are four basic food groups; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate truffles". I couldn't agree more. If you have been reading my posts, you probably already know that I am a chocolate fanatic!! Among all its different forms of, dark chocolate truffles are my absolute weakness :) After having the store-bought ones a few times, I decided to try making these at home. As hubby and I like our chocolate with little coffee I add coffee in it. Also Nutella is something I absolutely adore so I added that too in my truffles and the result was a silky, smooth, decadent, sinful, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate delight... mmm!
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Butter Beans & Potatoes Gravy

1 Large Onion (Finely chopped)
2 Medium Tomatoes
2 Green Chillies (Slit In middle)
2 Large Potatoes
1 Cup Butter beans (Lima beans)
1 Inch stick Cinnamon
1 Tbsp Ginger & Garlic paste
1 Tbsp Kasuri methi (Dried Fenugreek leafs)
1 Tsp Chilly powder
1 Tsp Coriander powder
1 Tsp Garam masala
1/2 Tsp Turmeric powder
2 Tsp Clarified Butter (Ghee)
2 Tsp Vegtable Oil
1/2  Slice Lime
2 Tbsp Coriander leafs(Finely Chopped for garnish)
2 Tsp Coarse Salt
First Step:
Boil the butter beans with 1/2 tsp of chillipowder , turmeric and salt with 1 cup of water and set aside.

Lets assemble:
Heat a wok add oil temper cinnamon add onion chilly, ginger and garlic paste fry till the raw flavour is out of the ginger and garlic add tomatoes fry till oil separates add all the dry masala chilly powder, turmeric, coriander and garam masala fry the masala till oil separates again add the potatoes fry  add coarse salt and add enough water to cook the potatoes cover and cook for 10 mins add the butter beans and stir cover and cook further for 10 to 15 mins. add kasuri methi and add the coriander stir and squeeze half lime. Serve Hot Hot with puri or rice and enjoy....:)
This recipe is nice during winter.You can also try this recipe with dried butter beans.                                                                             
I've also done a detail video demo do try this recipe and post your comments...:)


Thứ Sáu, 20 tháng 8, 2010

Easy cheesy stuffed peppers

Hubby makes a killer eggplant bharta. Why the mention of eggplant bharta in the stuffed pepper recipe, you ask? It is because this one time he decided to use these anaheim peppers in his bharta and that is when I got the idea that these peppers will be absolutely fabulous when stuffed. I will definitely post his eggplant bharta sometime soon but for now here is the recipe for the stuffed peppers. They are anaheim peppers (you could use practically any 'stuffable' ones) stuffed with a spicy potato cheese filling and baked to a perfect crust. They are perfect as appetizers or as a side to a nice homey rice daal meal (or anything else you like).

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Thứ Năm, 19 tháng 8, 2010

Brinjal Pulao

2-3 Medium Size Brinjals (Egg plant)
Cut into medium size cubes.
1 Large Onion (finely chopped)
1 Tbsp of Clarified Butter(Ghee)
2 Tbsp of Coriander leafs (finely chopped)
1 Tsp Fennel seeds
1 inch Stick Cinnamon
2 Cloves
2 Cardamom pods
1/2 Tsp Turmeric powder
Bay leaf
1 Cup Rice
1/2 Cup Milk
1 1/2 Cup water
1 Tbsp Ginger and Garlic masala
5-6 Green chilly
4-5 Tbsp oil
Salt to taste
First Step:
For the Masala
1 Inch piece Ginger
8-10 pods Garlic
1 Inch piece Cinnamon
2 Cloves
2 Cardamom pods
1 Tbsp Fennel seeds
5-6 Green Chillies
Fry the above Ingredients in 1tsp oil and coarse grind the masala and set aside.

Second Step:
In a pan heat oil fry the onion with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves add the bay leaf and fry add the brinjal fry add turmeric powder the masala paste fry and add very little water with some coarse salt stir cover and par boil the brinjal masala.

Third Step:
Clean the rice wash and soak for 10 mins.

Final assembly:
Heat a cooker add Ghee and oil drain the rice and fry in ghee and oil add the prepared brinjal masala stir and add milk and water add salt if needed add lime and coriander stir and cover for 4 mins with whistle on or for 1 whistle. Serve hot with egg and salad...enjoy....:)

You can also use Basmati Rice.
Try to parboil the brinjal as we are gonna pressure cook
Fry the rice in oil and add lemon while preparing any pulao or briyani rice will not break or go into a lump
Fry ginger garlic in oil before preparation of any masala this seals the flavor and gives extra taste.

    I've also done a detail video on youtube do watch  and try the recipe and post your comments...:)

    Thứ Tư, 18 tháng 8, 2010

    Paneer tikka Pan Pizza

    I love pizza.. regardless of crust or toppings (of course without meat) - pan, handtossed, deep dish, brooklyn style, thin-crust even the bread and bagel pizza :-) a soft chewy bread loaded with veggies and other toppings loaded generously with cheese! Just can't stop raving about pizzzzzza.. I had my first ever pizza at Pizza Hut a few years ago after I got married and came here.. and boy.. I was completely hooked :-) Ahh good old days.. we used to order delivery, be total couch potatoes and sit in front of the TV for hours watching the 24 hrs special law and order marathon episodes :D
    Never tried making them at home (r u kidding, never ever made even a simple daal before getting married) pizza was sooooo out of my comfort zone, but then I started getting comfy in the kitchen trying, tweaking, started baking and all.. and one good day made pizza.. I was jumping all around the house.. it was so good so perfect (now I make different kinds). Today I will talk about pan pizza.. I don't use a cast iron pan but instead use my round non stick baking pan (read about it in some food magazine).. yeah you heard me right, a regular baking pan. It comes out so perfect every time. You have to try it to believe me. Can be made using any kind of topping but my love for paneer and pizza is behind this recipe. In fact Pizza Hut has  a paneer pizza on the menu in India. Also I use whole wheat flour instead of the traditional all purpose flour to reduce the guilt ;)
    Here goes.
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    Thứ Ba, 17 tháng 8, 2010

    Eggless Double Chocolate Mocha Muffin

     better half.. he does not detest chocolates, he will eat it.. but combine it with a little coffee and he absolutely loves it! I on the other hand will eat chocolate of any kind, anytime, dark chocolate being my favorite. I don't mind a little coffee either. So whenever I make anything chocolaty at home there has to be a little coffee in it. I personally think as well that coffee when combined with chocolate takes it to a whole new level.
    So I just mixed a little coffee in chocolate muffin batter and this recipe was born. I also don't always like the eggy taste in my bakes so I skip the egg altogether and it comes out great :) It is always a hit with kids too atleast I know my little one loves it.

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    Super Potatoes & Dry Shrimp Masala

    2 Potatoes (Cut into cubes)
    1 Large Onion ( Finely Chopped)
    1 Cup Green peas
    1 Cup Dry Shrimp
    1 Tbsp Coriander powder
    1 Tbsp Chilly powder
    1 Tsp Turmeric powder
    1 Tsp Garam Masala
    1 Tbsp Ginger & Garlic paste
    1 Tsp Cumin seeds
    1 Pinch asafoetida
    2 Green Chillies
    5 to 8 Curry leafs
    10 Pods of Garlic (bruised with mortar and pestle)
    3 Tbsp Vegetable oil
    Salt to taste
    First Step:
    Wash the shrimps with warm and Luke warm water for at least 3 to 4 times only then you can get rid of sand and dust particle drain the entire water and set aside.

    Second Step:
    Heat a wok add oil fry the potatoes in oil for 5 to 10 mins drain and reserve in a bowl.

    Final Step:
    In the same wok and reserved oil add cumin seeds fry and add the garlic, chilly,curry leafs and add asafoetida  fry add onions fry till turn transparent add the chilly powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala along with ginger garlic paste and fry till oil separates the masala add shrimp and fry for a sec add the potatoes and green peas fry add salt and 1/2 cup of water stir cover and allow to cook till water evaporates.occasionally stir once or twice once cooked garnish with coriander leafs and lime serve hot with rice and dhal...enjoy...:)
    I've also done a detail video on youtube do watch and try to prepare this very simple recipe and post your comments...enjoy...:)

    Thứ Hai, 16 tháng 8, 2010

    Pasta with sun dried tomato pesto zucchini and mushroom

    hen it comes to eating her dinner, there is only a very few combinations that my 3 year old princess will eat without any fuss. Among those few, the combination of pasta, mushrooms and ketchup tops her charts. She will eat this without having to remind her over and over to pick up the fork. Let me also tell you that she has a very sophisticated palate :) and doesn't like anything that is make 'kids style'. Believe me or not, she prefers the spicy Haldiram bhujia over MacDonald's fries (yes that's right)... her pasta needs to have spices and veggies... you get the idea. Here's a recipe for a pasta dish that I had made once when I had guests over. The guests loved it and to our pleasant surprise, our little one gobbled the leftovers up.
    So without any further ado, especially for all you moms out there, here is the recipe.
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    Chủ Nhật, 15 tháng 8, 2010

    Mandakki Sushila Recipe

    Mandakki (Poori) (Puffed Rice)  4 Cups
    1 Large Onion finely chopped
    2 Tbsp Coriander Leafs
    2 Green Chillies
    3-4 Curry leafs
    3 Pods of Garlic (Crushed with skin on)
    1 Tsp of Mustard seeds
    1 Tsp Split Gram dhal
    1 Tsp Split Black Gram dhal
    1 Tsp Cumin seeds
    1 Dry Red chilly
    1 Pinch Asafoetida
    3 Tsp Oil
    Salt to taste

     wash the mandakki or poori 2 to 3 times in water drain the water using a colander squeeze the water from the drain poori and set it aside.
    Heat a wok add oil temper with mustard seeds gram dhal and black gram fry add cumin redchilly fry add onions and curry leafs fry add turmeric fry till oil leaves add the reserved mandakki fry for 2 mins add salt mix well and fry for a sec add coriander leafs mix well serve with chilli bajji and jelabi...try this recipe share it with friends and family enjoy...:)
    I've also done a detail recipe On youtube do watch it and post your views and comments...:)

    Paneer butter masala

    I asked him on the phone if he liked paneer and he said "Ugh! I have had so much paneer lately that I can't stand it anymore" and I went "oh! crap". This was one time during the courtship days before my husband and I were married. He later explained in 'great detail' how he has been eating paneer practically every day sometimes twice for the last two years of his bachelor lifestyle. In those days he was in Pune, India and always ate out and being a vegetarian and eating out you pretty much end up choosing something with paneer. While I empathized with his situation, I also realized I might not be able to eat my favorite paneer. I had to do something.
    A few days after we got married and came to the US, I figured he might have gotten over his paneer-phoebia and made this paneer butter masala. He loved it. Apparently the brief break and (as he tells me) the great dish had brought him back. Paneer was back as an ingredient in our household. So here is the recipe of the comeback paneer dish that I now make (I always tease him by reminding him of his anti-paneer days).
    Paneer butter masala probably needs no introduction. I am yet to see an Indian restaurant that does not have it on its menu. The big juicy paneer cubes in a creamy spicy gravy is an absolute delight. Me being me however, I make it with very little oil and no cream and butter at all (no butter in butter masala? funny eh!) So here goes...
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    Thứ Sáu, 13 tháng 8, 2010

    Cherry trifle

    Trifle is a delicious and fun dessert usually made by layering sponge cake, custard, fruit, jelly and cream. This is super easy and quick. If you are having guests over, don't have the time to make an elaborate dessert, this one is a life saver and always leaves an impression. Now, I love cherries, they are in season so I had to make cherry trifle. Picture this... spongy cake, covered with jelly, topped with luscious sweet ripe cherries and lots of cream and chocolate... all in one scrumptious glass... how can you go wrong!
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    Thứ Năm, 12 tháng 8, 2010

    Khara biscuit

    If you have read some of my previous posts you will know that I don't have a sweet tooth (yes yes, except chocolate) so I don't particularly like regular cookies either. I just make 'em for my little princess. So for those times on a lazy afternoon when I feel like munching on a quick snack, I like to have some salty or savory stuff at hand. The typical salty snacks they sell in stores are usually fried so I figured I make some baked ones of my own. Here's a recipe for khara biscuits that I bake often so I can have them handy for when those hunger pangs strike. Considered yourself warned that they are addictive :)
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    Thứ Tư, 11 tháng 8, 2010

    Veg fajita wraps with avocado corn salsa

    Mexican is my favorite only after Italian (and obviously Indian) cuisine. I personally think Mexican cuisine is always a favorite for us Indians as it has so many similar spices and flavors – cumin, coriander, garlic, chili etc. Fajitas are a very famous part of this cuisine. Traditionally it is made with marinated and grilled skirt steak. The word 'Fajita' is derived from the spanish word faja which literally means belt. It is made with tough thin cut skirt steak. The meat is usually wrapped in soft tortillas with a variety of garnishes. Us being vegetarians, I always try to recreate the meatless versions of these popular dishes at home.
    So I combined a lot of different colored peppers, some green beans and onions, marinated them in lemon and some spices from my very own desi spice rack, stir fried them, wrapped in flour tortillas, top it with my avocado corn salsa, some sour cream and mexican style shredded cheese... total yum... I don't think you'd miss the meat at all!

    It was easy, fun and delightful... I know I will be making this often :)
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    Thứ Ba, 10 tháng 8, 2010


    The holi month of 'saawan' usually falls during the month of August. This month is considered auspicious and many people offer prayers and observe fasts to worship Lord Shiva. As do I. I observe fasts on the Mondays of the month and visit the local temple. During my fasts I avoid certain ingredients like salt, onions, garlic, grains. The diet typically consists of sweets and fruits. I have done this since my early school days but after getting married, my husband offered to join me so now we both observe fast together (that is so sweet of him *blush*)... the only problem... while I don't have a sweet tooth and pretty much eat fruit during my fasts, he loves sweets... and sweet stuff usually contains flour (which is grain) Had made gajar halwa, singhade ka halwa and sabudana kheer several times .
    Saawan this year started a couple of weeks back, so in my search to make him a sweet which can be consumed during fasts, I found this great recipe in my bookmarks to make the evergreen and popular indian sweet 'rasgulla'. I had bookmarked it some time back from Manjula's site. She has a great recipe which is well explained, easy to follow and the result was fabulous. The only change I made was adding a little cardamom powder in the syrup as I think it makes sweets taste a little better.

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    Thứ Hai, 9 tháng 8, 2010

    Sabudana Vada (Tapioca Vada)

    Tapioca pearls (Sabudana)Also called as javvarisi In tamil we get 2 varieties of tapioca 1st regular and 2nd nylon jawarisi. 2nd quality sabudana is good for pudding and kheer also nice for vada or idlly the 1st quality is good for fryems ect. 
    1/2 Cup of  Tapioca pearls (Nylon Jav varisi)
    1/3 Cup of Maida (All purpose flour)
    1/4 Cup of Rice flour
    1/2 Cup of Dill leafs (finely chopped)
    1/2 Cup of Fenugreek leafs (finely chopped)
    2 Tbsp of Coriander 
    1 Onion (finely chopped)
    3 Green Chilly (finely chopped)
    1 Cup of Yogurt
    Oil for frying
    Salt to taste.

    * First Step: In a bowl add half a cup of yogurt and tapioca pearls and soak for 6 hours.
    * The soaked tapioca will double in size and increase in quantity.

    To the pre soaked tapioca add the maida, rice flour, onion, chillies, coriander, dill leafs, fenugreek and salt mix well to a ball consistency heat a wok with enough oil to fry the vada creat medium size ball out of the dough flatten and deep fry in oil serve hot with ketchup enjoy ...:)
      I've done a detail demo video on youtube do watch and try this recipe its really nice....:)

    Sabudana khichdi

    Sabudana (tapioca or sago) khichdi is a very famous dish from the state of Maharashtra but is popular all over India. It has a different taste in every bite, spice from the chillies, crunch from the peanuts, tang of lemons and slight sweetness from the sugar. This makes for a mouthwatering lunch, breakfast or snack. It is often enjoyed during the time of fasting, in fact as a kid I used to eagerly wait when my mom used to break her fast as she always used to make this dish. Nowadays I don't wait for fasts :-). I make it whenever I crave for some quick and easy yet delectable dish. The only time consuming part is soaking the tapioca otherwise the whole dish is ready in a matter of 10 minutes.
    Heres how I make it.
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    Chủ Nhật, 8 tháng 8, 2010

    Chilli paneer

    I love paneer and I love indo-chinese so as you can imagine, since this dish combines both, it tops my charts... spicy, yummy and quick to fix at the same time. I remember this was one of the few dishes we would expect to eat only in restaurants. Then one day mom made it at home and it was a instant hit among family and friends. My brother and I could not wait for the next time she would make it (at times we would force her :) ... so good! It is one of the very few dishes I knew how to make before getting married. It is also one of the first few dishes that got my hubby believing soon after we got married that 'the wife can cook'!

    It is essentially paneer cubes cooked with bell peppers, onions and green chillies and simmered in chilli and soy sauce.
    It can be made either dry or with gravy. In its dry form, it is typically served as an appetizer. In its gravied form it gets easily converted into main course paired with some chinese style fried rice. The recipe below talks about both versions.

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    Thứ Bảy, 7 tháng 8, 2010

    Beets & Carrots Juice

    1/2 cup Beet root
    1 Large Carrot
    3 Tbsp Sugar
    1 inch Ginger
    1/2 Lime
    3 Cups of Ice cold water 
    Rose water few drops
    1/2 Tsp salt 

    In a mixer blender add all the ingredients and add required water and blend well to a juice constancy strain with a Filter and serve cold...enjoy...:)

    I've done a detail recipe demo on YouTube do watch and post your comments...:)