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Paneer butter masala

I asked him on the phone if he liked paneer and he said "Ugh! I have had so much paneer lately that I can't stand it anymore" and I went "oh! crap". This was one time during the courtship days before my husband and I were married. He later explained in 'great detail' how he has been eating paneer practically every day sometimes twice for the last two years of his bachelor lifestyle. In those days he was in Pune, India and always ate out and being a vegetarian and eating out you pretty much end up choosing something with paneer. While I empathized with his situation, I also realized I might not be able to eat my favorite paneer. I had to do something.
A few days after we got married and came to the US, I figured he might have gotten over his paneer-phoebia and made this paneer butter masala. He loved it. Apparently the brief break and (as he tells me) the great dish had brought him back. Paneer was back as an ingredient in our household. So here is the recipe of the comeback paneer dish that I now make (I always tease him by reminding him of his anti-paneer days).
Paneer butter masala probably needs no introduction. I am yet to see an Indian restaurant that does not have it on its menu. The big juicy paneer cubes in a creamy spicy gravy is an absolute delight. Me being me however, I make it with very little oil and no cream and butter at all (no butter in butter masala? funny eh!) So here goes...
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