Thứ Sáu, 23 tháng 3, 2012

Marbled banana chocolate loaf cake ~ eggless and butterless!

anana - as a fruit - is not something I am completely in love with. In fact to be honest I totally detest them - let's just say (without being too graphic) I can't even take a bite. I still buy them for my daughter and the hubs.
As strange as it may sound though, I like the banana flavor in cakes and bakes - go figure.
There's something special about the plain ol' Marble cake. It looks great without any extra effort and has that wow factor! It tastes great too and being two cakes in one, it satisfies people with varied taste too. Me and the little one being the chocolate lovers and hubs the vanilla and banana fan. It is one of the easiest cake to bake, requires basic ingredients which we mostly have in our pantry at all times! It is fun to  bake one at home and what makes it more exciting is the anxious wait with fingers crossed when you first cut into it and see the marble effect (yes I get excited about my food) - and the marbling effect is different with every slice.
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