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Vegetable Hakka Noodles/Vegetable Chowmein

hinese food definitely has its place on the menu of practically every restaurant in India. The fact to be noted here though is that over the last several decades as India gradually adopted this neighboring cuisine, barring a few key ingredients, the cuisine has taken a life of its own. So much so as to build a global identity and even aptly being named 'Indo-Chinese cuisine'.
Not just on menus of restaurants, this cuisine is so much a part of the Indian lifestyle now that with every couple of roadside push-cart food vendors selling  your usual pani-puri, kulfi or dosa-idli, you will find a cart that boasts of the best chilli chicken or hakka noodles among other things.
Chinese food here in the US sure is different. Your veg. lo-mein from the local Chinese place that comes in that iconic chinese food carton, tastes great but after you are a few digs into it, you sure get reminded of the corner chinese-wala back home and the sound of the sizzling noodles in his wok on his stove-top and the makeshift push cart that showed up on that very corner religiously every day at five in the evening.
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