Chủ Nhật, 31 tháng 10, 2010

Eggless Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake

The humble vanilla cake is usually very well liked in an average Indian household especially if it is eggless and home-made. The oven which is a regular fixture in almost every kitchen in the US is usually not that common in the Indian middle class kitchen. Although this is changing rapidly, for the most part, cakes there are still made in a small portable electric oven. If you've ever seen or tried baking in one of these, you'd know that it is not the easiest of things to do.
For these reasons, the simple eggless vanilla cake was a big favorite in our family as well. This recipe is so popular in my family tree that every member that can cook has a written copy of it and has tried their luck at baking it atleast once. All the credit goes to my aunt who joined a baking class and where she got this recipe and then the rest is history. Since then I have of course baked several different types of cakes but this one still holds a special place in my heart. I have made some minor modifications like using chocolate cips instead of cocoa powder but the recipe is essentially the same. It is very easy to make, calls for a very few ingredients and tastes awesome.
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Thứ Sáu, 29 tháng 10, 2010

Kesar Phirni/Saffron Rice Pudding

Phirni is an Indian sweet dish. It has a texture that is a cross between custard and pudding and is made with ground rice and milk. The popular flavor variations are Badam (using almond paste), aam (with mango pulp) and rose phirni (obviously with rose syrup). Here however I am sharing with you the variation that is one of my most favorite flavoring for sweet dishes - kesar (saffron) phirni. The saffron gives the phirni a level of sophestication which is just perfect for oncoming festive occasion of Deepawali. During the festival of Deepawali, or the festival of light, no Indian family can do without sweet dishes.  Many families use the store bought sweets and even more families are busy making sweets at home. The list of those universally liked Indian sweet dishes is really long. Some dishes can be tricky and time consuming to make but phirni is quick and easy. The smooth creamy cool taste of this dessert just puts you in a good mood. Its so good that my princess, who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth and is a very fussy eater, ate a whole bowlful. She just started to learn Spanish at her pre-school and lovingly gave it the name "blanco ice-cream" :)
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Gulab Jamun Kofta Curry

  • 200 Grams Gulab Jamun Mix Powder
  • 1/2 Cup Cauliflower (Grated) 
  • 1/2 Cup Carrot (Grated)
  • 1/2 Cup Fresh Green Peas (Boiled)
  • 2 Onions ( Prepare Puree using a mixer or blender)
  • 2 Tomato's (Puree)
  • 2 Green Chilles (finely chopped)
  • 1/2 Tsp Ginger & Garlic paste
  • 1 Sprig Curry leafs
  • 1 Tbsp Butter
  • 1 Tsp Chilly powder
  • 1 Tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 1 Tsp Garam masala or kitchen king masala
  • 1/2 Tsp Dried Mango powder (amchoor) 
  • 1/2 Tsp Cumin seeds
  • A Pinch of Asafoetida  
  • 2 Tbsp Yogurt
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt to taste.
First Step:
  • Heat a wok  add 1 tbsp of oil tip in the grated cauliflower and fry for a minute tip in the grated carrot and fry allow the cauliflower and carrot to cook for 5 minutes if you find its still raw we are going to fry later on don't worry about to veg to completely cook through then tip in the boiled green peas add salt and fry a bit till very thing gets incorporated well.
  • Remove from flame and reserve the veg mixture to a bowl  and allow the veg mixture to cool down completely.
  • After the veg mixture has cooled check for salt add salt if you need to now keep adding the gulab jamun mix by the spoon full and mix I've used up 3/4 of the 200g packed sprinkle very little water if needed while kneading the kofta dough.
  • The dough should have a texture between chapati and naan dough.
  •  Make roundels out of the dough i made golf size ball you can prepare even smaller size kofta if you wish too.
  • Heat oil in a wok and fry the roundels or kofta in very low flame till golden brown color drain the oil and reserve the kofta in a plate and set aside.
These kofta can be fried and stored in fridge you can heat in microwave and prepare gravy and add the kofta to the gravy anytime...this recipe is very nice for working moms...:)

Second Step:
  • In a mixer jar or blender blend the oinion to a puree.
  • And puree the tomato's as well.
Third Step:

  • Heat a wok add 2 tbsp oil and add the cumin seeds to splutter then add the ginger and garlic paste fry a bit add the chilly powder , turmeric powder, coriander powder and garam masala and fry a bit fry the curry leafs and the asafoetida and add the dried mango powder fry a bit add the finely chopped green chilly beware not to burn the dry masala while frying the curry will taste bitter tip in the onion puree fry the onion till the masala is incorporated well once you see the oil separating from the onion add the yogurt fry a bit tip in the tomato puree and fry well add 1 to 1 1/2 cup of water to make the gravy thin bring to a boil on slow flame.
  • Once you see the oil floating on top of the gravy its done and ready to serve.   
Lets Serve:

  • Just before serving place the kofta in a serving bowl and ladle the gravy on top of the kofta serve hot .
  • This Kofta curry can be enjoyed with any roti, naan, fried rice or pulao.
  • Serve hot for any recipe and Enjoy...:)

I've done a detail video recipe demo on youtube do subscribe to my channel and watch for new recipes..:)

Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 10, 2010

Paneer Mushroom Masala

This dish is a  heavenly combination of paneer and mushrooms and is my hubby's favorite curry. As he tells me, during his bachelor days when he was in Pune, India he always had this at a local restaurant (practically for every meal!). Hubby is an mushroom lover and me a paneer fanatic so this is a total win win :) especially when  simmered in a spicy tomato based creamy gravy with the earthy mushrooms and the big chunks of fried paneer. Truly, there is a unique burst of flavor in every single bite and your taste buds just sing... The problem with these dishes with creamy gravies when served in a restaurant is that they serve them loaded with butter and cream which tastes delicious but we all know is not very good for health. So I wanted to make it without all the these fattening ingredients... No cream no butter no loads of cashews... and came up with this recipe. Do give it a try. You will not be disappointed.
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Thứ Ba, 26 tháng 10, 2010

Dumroot (Pumpkin Halwa) Diwali special

  • 500 Grams Yellow Pumpkin
  • 200 Grams Khoya (Kova)
  • 5 Tbsp Milk Powder
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 3 1/2 Tbsp Clarified Butter (Ghee)
  • 3 Tbsp Refined SunflowerOil
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • 1/4 Tsp Cardamom Powder
  • 1 Pinch Orange Food Color
  • You can substitute for condensed milk insteed of khoya but make sure not to add sugar as condensed milk already has sugar if you need to add sugar adjust as per your taste
Lets Prepare:

  • Peel the skin deseed the pumpkin and grate the pumpkin.
  • Wash the pumpkin 2 or thrice in water drain pat dry and reserve in a bowl.
  • Mix the Clarified butter and oil in a bowl and set aside.
  • Heat a heavy bottom pan and add 2 1/2 tbsp of the oil and clarified butter to the pan tip in the pumpkin fry a bit allow the pumkin to wilt down a bit add the khoya sugar and milk powder and stir for 2 mins add water stir and bring to a boil and cover for 10 mins on medium flame keep stiring constantly inbetween the 10 min gab. after the khoya and other ingerdients have incoporated well add the food color and cardomom stir well keep on high flame and keep stiring constantly and keep adding the butter and oil mixture till its over. allow the pumpkin to burn and have a brown crust in the bottom serve hot...Enjoy...:)

I've also done detail recipe demo on youtube watch and enjoy...:)

Potato Halwa Diwali Special 2010

  • 4 Medium Size Potato (grated)
  • 150 Grams Khoya (Kova)
  • 2 Tbsp Milk Powder
  • 1/2 Cup Sugar
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp Clarified Butter (Ghee)
  • 3 Tbsp Refined SunflowerOil
  • 1/4 Tsp Cardamom Powder
  • 1 Pinch Yellow Food Color
  • 10 Cashew
  • 10 to 15 Golden Rasins
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • 1 Pinch Salt 
  • You can substitute for condensed milk insteed of khoya but make sure not to add sugar as condensed milk already has sugar if you need to add sugar adjust as per your taste.

Lets prepare:
  • Peel and grate the potato.
  • wash in running water pat dry and reserve in a bowl.
  • Mix the oil and butter mixture in a bowl and set aside.
  • Heat a heavy bottom pan add 21/2 tbsp of the oil and butter tip in the potato fry a bit allow the potato to wilt down a bit but make sure you dont roast the potato tip in the khoya, sugar and milk powder stir and add water bring to a boil cover for 5 to 10 mins on medium flame till the potato is cooked and all the ingredients get incoporated well keep stiring constanly on a high flame add the food color, cardomom powder and salt stir well and add 2 1/2 tbsp of oil and butter mixture keep stiring till the potato leaves the sides of the pan. in a fry pan add the rest of the butter and oil mixture fry the cashew and raisins golden brown and tip into the potato halwa mix well and serve hot...Enjoy...:)

I've done detail recipe on video do watch and enjoy....:)

Thứ Hai, 25 tháng 10, 2010

Swiss Roll

There are quite a few recipes I have posted recently that are linked to my childhood memories. Guess when I think about food, a part of me still is a child that wants to have fun. This recipe is for another one of those fun childhood memories from the time I was a lil' girl. These simple rolls used to fascinate me over all the complex and beautifully made up cakes and pastries around. The soft spongy rolls filled with fruity jam was always my favorite. This was always the cake for me whenever we used to go to any pastry shop any day. I also like the fact that this is very light and can be used as a light dessert.
Always thought it will be very tricky to make, but thanks to chef Sanjeev Kapoor and his cookbook I was able to make these absolutely wonderful rolls at home. They were light, delicious, moist... exactly the way I remember them. And yes, rolling them can be a little tricky with the jam oozing out and making a mess (you can tell I speak from experience)... well how did I do it then, got hubby to work! easy :)
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Smiley Gravy

  • 1 Packet Potato Smiles
  • 5 to 6 Chicken Sausage
  • 2 Cups Vegetable-stock
  • 1 Cup Fresh Green Peas
  • 1 Carrot 
  • 1 Medium Onion
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • 1/2 Cup Coriander Leafs
  • 1/2 Cup Mint Leafs
  • 1 Tbsp Ginger & Garlic paste
  • 1 Tbsp Chilly powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 1 Tbsp Coriander powder
  • 1/2 Kitchen King masala or Garam masala 
  • 1/2 Cup Boiled Fresh Peas
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp Clarified Butter
  • 1/2 Lime juice
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt to taste.

Lets Prepare:
  • In a pan heat 2 cups of vegetable stock or water and add tomato, onion,peas and carrot and add 1/4 tsp salt and cook the veg .
  • Add the cooked veg to a mixer grinder and blend to a puree. In the puree add the coriander and mint add water if needed and blend again reserve to a side.
  • Heat oil in a wok and fry the smiles drain and reserve.
  • In the same wok add 1 tbsp of oil and fry the cubed sausage and reserve.
  • Using the same wok add the Clarified butter fry the ginger & garlic paste and tip in the puree fry well check for salt and allow the gravy to cook well.
  • Now we will add the dry spice to the boiling gravy chilly powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder and kitchen king masala stir everything and allow the gravy to separate oil. once the oil separates that is the indication that the gravy has cooked.
  • Tip in the fries sausages and boiled peas allow to boil for another 2 more mins.
  • Just before serving add the smiles stir and serve hot...Enjoy...:)

I've also done a detail video recipe watch smile and enjoy...:)

Chủ Nhật, 24 tháng 10, 2010

Kesar Nankhatai/Indian Cookies

This is my papa's absolute favorite thing in the world. Since his childhood, as he tells me. You give him a whole pack with his evening tea and you could forget about having any leftovers. I remember in my hometown there was a small bakery where they used to make these. The men would then pack them and sell them door to door on a bicycle. They would especially show up on Sundays knowing most people would be home, as was Papa. Once the bicycle bell rang he would call him and and get 2-3 packets. You could see the twinkle in his eye as he ate them with his tea. It was one of the very few store bought things he likes! Whenever I make them here... I  miss him.. these are for you papa... will make a big batch next time you visit :)
These are Indian version of cookies, eggless light and melt in mouth kind, often flavored with cardamom. I personally find them very cute, a delight to bake. I especially love watching them bake especially when they puff up and gently crack on top making it the best and perfect nankhatais. This batch that I made I wanted to experiment with the flavor of Saffron. Hubby said he absolutely loved the light saffron flavor and that it have it a nice festive appeal.
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Thứ Bảy, 23 tháng 10, 2010

Ghee Rice

2 Cups Basmati Rice
2 Cups Milk
2 Cups water
1 Medium Onion (Chopped)
4 Tbsp Clarified Butter(Ghee)
4 Tbsp Oil
1/4 Tsp Crushed Pepper corns
1/4 Tsp Cumin
1/2 Tsp Sugar
1 Tbsp Salt
10 Cashew nuts
2 Green Chillies
1 Sprig Curry leafs
1 Inch Cinnamon
2 Cardamom pods
4 Cloves

Lets Prepare:

  • Wash the basmati rice.
  • Heat a pressure cooker and add 2 tbsp oil and 2 tbsp clarified butter and add the rice and fry for a min add Milk and water add salt and sugar bring to a boil cover and place the whistle and cook for 4 mins.
  • Heat a wok and add 2 tbsp oil and 2 tbsp butter and add the bayleaf, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves and fry add the onions and fry add the cumin, raisins and cashew fry till the onion goes to a light gold color add the curry leaves,chilles and crushed pepper and fry.
  • Chill the rice after cooked and add to the fried onion masala mix well and fry the rice...serve hot with any gravy or boiled eggs...Enjoy...:)

I've also done a detail video recipe demonstration watch and enjoy....:)

Thứ Năm, 21 tháng 10, 2010

Tawa Pulao

umbai is world famous for its array of mouth watering street foods especially the chaats available at every street corner. Juhu beach, especially is the most famous hub... a very crowded place where you often find yourself wading through a sea of people with the sound of the waves crashing in the background often looking for the next yummy food stall that gets your attention among the numerous street food vendors lined up. No trip to this beach is complete without having those delectable chaats that they serve there and possibly a healthy dose of pani poories, vada pav, batata, bhel.
Tawa pulao is another such road-side delicacy. It is a very easy and different kind of a pulao recipe. You wouldn't think of rice with veggies as ingredients for your typical street food but this pulao might just give your idea of street food a complete makeover. Kudos to those vendors that come up with ideas like these.
I like the crunchiness of the vegetables and the pav bhaji masala adds a distinct flavor to the rice. It is made on a tawa or griddle hence the name. These chaat wallas are so good with fusion cooking and so innovative. This rice is now also served at fancy restuarants and even top chefs boast of having this in their repertoire.
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Thứ Tư, 20 tháng 10, 2010

Cheese & Mixed veg Masala

1 Bunch Spinach 
1 Cup Sweet corn
1 Cup Cauliflower 
1 Cup Button Mushroom
1 Bell pepper
150 Grams Cottage Cheese (Cubed)
1 Tbsp Chilly flakes
1 Tsp Crushed Black pepper
1 Shallot(sliced)
4 to 5 Pods Garlic (Finely sliced)
3 Chillies
1 Tsp Coarse Salt
3 Tbsp Oil
Lime a few drops.

(Tip for Cleaning the cauliflower)
This is best way to clean the cauliflower by adding 1 tbsp vinegar and 1 tbsp of coarse salt helps to remove pesticides and germs after we finish rinsing the veg in vinegar run cold water and wash twice.(watch the video demo below how i clean the cauliflower)
Lets Prepare:

  • In a wok add oil and fry the cottage cheese and drain the cheese and reserve in a bowl.
  • In the same oil and fry the garlic and chillies tip in the shallot and spinach stocks first and sauté for few mins add the corn and cauliflower and fry for a min add the salt and 1/2 cup of water and cover till the corn and cauliflower is cooked tip in the bell pepper  mushroom and fry for a min add the spinach leafs tip in the black pepper and chilly flakes along with the cottage cheese and fry till the water has evaporated from the veg add lime and prepare wraps or serve with rice or toast...Enjoy...:) 
I've also done a detail recipe video on youtube do watch and try the recipe...enjoy...:)

Methi Mathri/Indian fenugreek crackers

This is a crunchy crispy snack that I always try to keep handy. It is the most common snack that I can have any time and even sometimes as a whole meal with mango pickle :) Mom made it all the time as she knew I totally loved them. Now whenever I visit her in India, among all the goodies she packs for me to bring back, this mathri is definitely included (and a reasonably large pack of it). But again as you probably guessed, I run out rather quickly. Now that I am on my own, I always missed having them around until one day I decided to make some of my own. I now know this is going to be a regular in my snack drawer.
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Thứ Hai, 18 tháng 10, 2010

Strawberry Kiss Cocktail recipe 1

4-5 Over ripe Strawberry
1 1/2 Tbsp Full Cream 
1 Cup Pineapple Juice
Lime Zest
1/2 Cup Vodka
Lime few drops
1 1/2 Tbsp Sugar syrup if needed.

Lets Prepare:
  • In a mixer jar or a blender add the strawberry, pineapple juice and cream blend well to a juice consistency.
  • Add in the lime zest and few drops of lime along with the vodka and blend well.
  • Serve with crushed ice in a salt rim glass decorated with strawberry...enjoy...:)

 I've done a demo video for this recipe try it yourself and ...Enjoy...:)



Malpuas... whenever I think of them, the festival of Holi and Dussehera comes to mind... and along comes some sweet childhood memories. I remember my mom making these along with loads of other delicacies on festivals like pedukiya/gujhiya, nimki, dahi vada... and our home would be filled with the sweet and wonderful aroma of warmth and festivity! Growing up, it was a family tradition to make at least malpua and dahi-vada for Vijaya-Dashmi.
Despite some regional variations and versions, I think the original and authentic malpuas come from my native Bihar and Bengal. It is an Indian pancake made with flour, milk, khoya, mashed bananas, nuts, cardamom powder, deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. I don't have a sweet tooth (other than chocolate) so I don't care much for them, but my hubby is head over heels in love with them since time immemorial... he can eat like 10 of them in one go... I am not kidding... he really does!! Also, this was one the first few dishes I made for him after we got married and he was mighty impressed :) All the credit goes to my mom for this wonderful recipe.
Extending the family tradition, this Vijaya-Dashmi I made them too.Being caught up with the festivities, I did not get a chance to post. Here's how we do Malpuas. Will follow soon with Dahi-vada.
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Thứ Bảy, 16 tháng 10, 2010

Banana Appam / Banana Poori

1 Over Ripe Banana
3 to 4 Tbsp Jaggery
1 1/2 cups of All purpose Flour ( Maida)
1/4 Tsp Cumin Powder
2 Cardamom Pods
A pinch of Salt
Oil for frying

Lets Prepare:
  • Add the banana, jaggery , cardamom, salt and cumin to a mixer jar and blend well till the banana goes to a mush.
  • Transfer the banana mixture to a bowl start adding all purpose flour and kneed to a soft dough and add a tsp of oil while kneading the dough and cover and allow to rest for 1/2 hour.
  • Roll out the dough and cut out using a cookie cutter or any cutter as per your choice and create neat looking shapes to fry in oil i prefer round shapes as its easy to handle .
  • Heat oil in a pan and fry the cut out poori in hot oil drain and serve hot or cold...Enjoy...:)

  • Use a over ripe banana for this recipe.
  • All purpose flour depends while mixing the dough some times i add just 1/2 cup of flour this also depends on the quantity of the banana we use and sugar content makes the mixture watery .
  • You can also use whole wheat flour for this recipe.
  • Use vegetable oil while frying the poori.
  • You can add nutmeg to this recipe.
  • This appams can be stored for a week in a airtight box.
I've also done a detail demo video for this recipe watch enjoy and prepare it yourself...:)

Thứ Sáu, 15 tháng 10, 2010

Baingan bharta/ Roasted Mashed eggplant

aingan or eggplant , might not be the favorite of all, but is definitely a favorite of few and in that category comes my dearest hubby... ohh he just loves it and can't get enough. He can eat it every single day and in all its forms :) Before I got married to him I didn't detest this vegetable but it was definitely not my favorite, until one day when he made this lip smacking baingan bharta.. and boy, I was hooked. This is his famous recipe (yeah!! the man can cook :)) from his good old bachelor days and without doubt and bias I can say this is is THE BEST Eggplant bharta recipe you will ever make and taste!
It is basically a mashed roasted eggplant mixed with several spices, (lots of) garlic, tomatoes and preferably some other veggies.
The way he tells me about its origins is totally believable. Not having any clue about what goes in a classic bharta recipe he decided to add any veggies he had at the time in the refrigerator and as well every spice that he was familiar with (adding Hing and Amchur were my touch to it).
He basically messed up by making it this one time for me. Now if there is ever eggplant bharta made in my household, it is him at the stove battling it out. Of course I am there to help out, like roasting the eggplant in the oven was my idea (he used to roast it on the stove-top and make a mess ;)
Can be served with roti, paratha or rice, for lunch or dinner.You can also serve them with flat breads or crackers and they make for a great appetizer.  personally like to eat it rolled up inside a paratha :)
So here it is... enjoy!
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Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 10, 2010

Paneer Calzone (whole wheat)

Friday is my most favorite day of the week. You have the whole weekend ahead of you. Also friday nights are mostly pizza nights( which my little daughter loves)... which means Pizza Hut delivery or if we have the enthu hubby and I make it together at home. Last friday I thought I should do something different and decided to make a Calzone. Of course I had to put in a desi touch to it. I remember a while back they introduced a Calzone on the Pizza Hut menu. I saw the commercials and flyers and always wanted to try it but unfortunately they never came up with a vegetarian version.
A calzone ("stocking" or "trouser" in Italian) is a sort of folded over pizza or turnover with filling. It is originally from Naples, Italy. It is made of ingredients similar to pizza, folded over and shaped like a crescent sealed on one edge, and baked. The typical calzone is stuffed with tomato and mozzarella, and may include other ingredients usually associated with pizza toppings (sourced from Wikipedia).
I love the half moon envelope shape... they make for a cute and fun  presentation.
Calzone may be filled with a variety of vegetable combinations, cheeses and meats of choice. It is typically served with marinara sauce on the side for dipping. Here, I made them with my whole wheat pizza dough recipe (so they are healthier) and for the filling I used  the world famous indian cheese paneer sauted with some tandoori spices. The spicy tangy filling was definitely the highlight of this yummy calzone. It was a great dinner and made a yummy filling lunch the next day. They will be fun to take on picnics too and great as an after school snack for kids. We had this as an evening snack, but it was quite filling and so yummy that we ate more than what you you typically call snack portion :D. So much so that we didn't eat any dinner. It is an easy and interesting one pot meal and is simply delicious.
I know I am going to make this often.
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Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 10, 2010

NO Fry Chicken Kabab

250 Grams Chicken (boneless and with out skin)
I used chicken breast for the recipe 
1 Cup Yogurt
1 1/2 Tbsp Chilly powder
1 Tbsp Garam masala
1 Tbsp Coriander powder
1 Tsp Turmeric powder
1 Tbsp Ginger & Garlic paste
1 Tbsp Garlic (Finely chopped)
1 Green Chilly
1 Sprig Curry leafs
2 Tbsp Oil 
1 Tbsp Clarified Butter
Orange food color (optional)
Salt to taste

Lets Prepare:
  • Use boneless Chicken it cooks faster.
  • In a bowl we need to marinate the chicken along with chilly powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, Garam masala , ginger garlic paste, yogurt and salt message all the ingredients well into the chicken the masala should infuse well and and get incorporated in the chicken cover and refrigerate.
  • Allow the chicken to marinate for 1/2 to one hour in a refrigerator.
  • Bring the chicken to room temperature and add the food color mix well and set aside. 
  • Heat a wok add 2 tbsp oil and add the marinated chicken to the wok and don't add water stir a bit and cover.
  • The Chicken will cook in its own juice and the moisture from the yogurt will cook the chicken down.
  • Allow the Chicken to cook till the water goes completely dry string occasionally.
  • once its dry roast well and serve with sprinkling chat masala and finely chopped coriander.
  • Or else you can spice it up a bit by reserving the chicken to a plate and add clarified butter with little oil in the same wok and fry the finely chopped garlic curry leafs green chilly then add the chicken and add pinch of chilly powder garam masala and chat masala and serve along with lemon wedges...enjoy...:)

I've also done a detail video recipe both in tamil and english on youtube do try this recipe and enjoy..:)

Thứ Hai, 11 tháng 10, 2010

Daal- baati

This is one of my mom's most amazing dishes and is the most sought after by family and friends alike. She has made this dish for as long as I can remember. She has even gotten compliments from some guests who were even the natives of that state to which this dish belongs.
Daal baati is a very popular dish from the state of Rajasthan, a wholesome power packed delicious meal. Dal, or lentil curry, is made of several kind of lentils which are cooked along with the masalas to make a tasty dal or curry. Baati, a rounded ball of dough that's baked in a charcoal fire or oven. Baati is made out of wheat, gram flour, millet or a mix of maize flour served dunked in the delicious daal with loads of ghee, tastes heavenly mouthwatering!
Mom did tweak the original recipe a little. The original recipe does not have veggies in the daal and the baati is made with plain flour. The addition of veggies, I believe, makes an already great daal even better. Addition of spices in the baati flour makes it even tastier. Mom used to make it on a gas grill. My touch to this is just to make it in a regular oven. It is not as high on the list of favorites on hubby's list so I do not come around to make this dish very often. Guess I could not wait any more :)
I got a few recipes from my mom written down in a notebook that I brought with me to the US after I got married. It is hands-down the best cookbook among tons of others that I own. I had this one bookmarked in the notebook for a real long time and only finally got around to it. From hubby's reaction it appears it climbed up a few steps in his charts :)
Don't be deterred by the long list of ingredients. You find most in a typical indian spice rack. Once you have them together, the method is really simple.
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Masala Coco Cola

1 Liter Bottle Coco cola or any cola or plain soda water
1 Pinch Black salt
1/4 Tsp Cumin powder 
1/4 Tsp Carom seed powder 
2 Tsp Lime Juice
1/4 Tsp Pepper powder
1/4 Tsp Sugar (Regular)
1Pinch Salt
Lemon Rind just a bit.

You can also use jal jeera  powder or chat masala to the coke its nice.
I've also tried coke using ginger and chat masala it was real good but not my taste...:) 

Lets Prepare:
In a bowl Mix all the above mention ingredients mix well till the sugar melts add little bit of  the concoction mixture to the presentation tumbler and add in the little cola mix the masala check if you require more masala and add in the reserve masala and add in the rest of the coke or plain soda and serve try it yourself  serve to your guest...Enjoy...:) 

I've also done a demo video on youtube watch the recipe try the recipe out...Enjoy...:)

Chủ Nhật, 10 tháng 10, 2010

Jalebi with rabri

Goddess Durga has arrived and it is festival season again, not that I feel much like it sitting ten thousand miles away from home. Back home, there is a festive spirit all around and people are gearing up to celebrate the season that is marked with several other major festivals. That warmth, the excitement, fasting and feasting,family reunion, markets full of puja items, shopping malls full of crowds, the rush, new fashion clothes, full blown shopping and those giant skeletal pandal structures that in a few days will be the most beautiful and ornate puja pandals and the home of Maa Durga for the next ten days.

I will welcome Maa this season with this sweet dish. Jalebi is always special for me. Whenever we used to visit our grandparents' place (which was every year) especially for durga puja I remember we used to get jalebi and kachori and aloo chana ki sabji from the roadside halwai... almost everyday... this used to be my favorite breakfast... jalebi with rabdi... was on the top of the list of everyone and how all my cousins used to fight for that last piece.  Sometimes my  mother and aunts would make it and all of us children would huddle up in the kitchen and be curious and all excited waiting for the treat. Now sitting here and writing this post I so miss those wonderful carefree childhood days. The pampering.. unconditional love of grandparents, the crowd, gossip, laughter, food everything. Still now when I go back to India, mom makes jalebi and hot sabji and kachodi... and I eat them to my heart's content.
Cooking a traditional recipe specially for festivals  always warms me makes me happy and also makes me all nostalgic. I miss them all. Here in my kitchen when  alone... cooking something like this and there is no one always there to taste, chat... but the aroma of cooking, the warmth of festivity makes me feel at home again... sometimes I just  get sad and homesick but then I call mom and ask for a recipe... multiple times... try to recreate... jump with joy when it works... sad when it doesn't and call her again to let her know the outcome. We laugh over the phone, sometimes cry that we are so far away from each other especially during festivals. But again now I have the sweetest and the most caring man in the whole world who is my sous chef, my taster, my  food critic, my everything and with him our little bundle of joy... everyday feels like a festival and keeps me going!
I followed mom's 'world famous' jalebi recipe. For the rabdi however I took the easy route and made it with ricotta cheese in the microwave. Jalebi or zalabiyah in arabic is an Arabian sweet which is very very popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is made by deep-frying batter in a kind of pretzel or circular shape, then soaked in syrup. It has a crunchy and crispy outer shell and is soft juicy inside which makes for an interesting combination of textures when you bite into it.
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Thứ Năm, 7 tháng 10, 2010

Date and walnut muffin (eggless)

Growing up, for breakfast we mostly ate chapatis along with with some pan fried veggies  or poha or upma and on special occasions or on weekends poori and sabji.That was mostly the routine of course with variations on some days. Our parents did that forever and so did their parents (and I am sure their parents did the same :). After which off we went to where ever we had to go, school, college or work. Our current lifestyle being a little different, these days I go for much a lighter breakfast especially on weekdays. Be it a bowl of cereal or oatmeal or a quick sliced bread sandwich with some fruits and veggies. To keep things interesting, I always find myself looking for ways to come up with interesting but light and yet 'breakfasty' recipes. I have found that a light muffin or a light fruit bread comes really handy. Also you can create different variations of the same basic muffin or bread. Here's a recipe for a date and nut based muffin that was really liked by hubby and my princess alike. It is mildly sweet, has a distinct taste of dates, cinnamon and walnuts, not to forget the bite of tangy cranberries and is extremely light that makes it just right for breakfast.
Here it is -
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Thứ Tư, 6 tháng 10, 2010

Boiled Egg Seekh Kabab

3 Hard Boiled Eggs
1 Medium Size Onion
4 Tbsp Finely chopped coriander & Mint leafs
2 Tbsp Corn flour (Starch)
1/2 Tsp Kasuri methi (Dried Fenugreek)
1 Cheese single or 3 Tbsp grated cheese (optional)
1 Green Chilly
1 Tbsp Ginger & Garlic paste
1/4 Tsp Garam masala
1/4 Tsp Chilly powder
1/4 Tsp Turmeric powder
1/4 Tsp Coriander powder
1 Tsp Salt
2 Tbsp Oil

Lets Prepare:
  • Using a Cheese grater grate the eggs.
  • Mix all the above ingredients to the grated eggs mix well sprinkle water if the mixture is tight mix well and allow to rest for 1 hour.
  • Using skewer spread the mixture evenly wetting your hands and form even kababs and grill till the kababs are done.
  • You may also use the skewer and form kabab shape and shallow fry in a pan.
Once your kabab's are done garnish with mint chutney.onion ,lemon wedges and sprinkle chat masala on top and serve hot...Enjoy...:) 

I've done a demo on youtube watch do it your self...enjoy...:)

Thứ Ba, 5 tháng 10, 2010

Kashmiri Dum Aloo/Baby potatoes in yogurt gravy

on't you think potato is a very forgiving vegetable... no matter how you make it, what 
spices you put in it, it is almost always edible and satisfying. It is a staple in my home also, whenever I find myself staring at the refrigerator wondering what to cook, the humble potato always comes to the rescue. Also, it is very versatile and goes well with either rice or roti.
Of all the different kinds, baby potatoes are my favorite. I find them extremely cute (a big pain to peel but still love 'em). Of all the recipes I make from these cuties this aloo dum (the bihari version) is my hubby's most favorite thing in the world. Looking for a new dum aloo recipe I came across this recipe from our very own Vah Chef's cooking videos and bookmarked it. Made it a few days ago and now it is my hubby's second most fav aloo dish. How can you not like it when its baby potatoes simmered in creamy and an aromatic gravy made with yogurt, cashews flavored with traditional kashmiri spices like ginger and fennel powder.
Dum Aloo is named so because it is cooked under 'dum' or pressure. In this cooking method, the food is cooked under pressure in its own juices! 
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Thứ Hai, 4 tháng 10, 2010

Palak/Spinach chaat

I vividly remember my first time going back to my mom's place or my "mayeka" from my in-laws place a few days after we were married (funny I started thinking of it as my mom's place as only a few days back I always referred to it as 'my place'). Being the first and the only son-in-law, hubby was being pampered big time with all the best dishes that mom knew that hubby liked. There was festivity, food, people coming to meet us and family sitting together and chatting away till the wee hours of the morning. It was an overload of good food and tons of fun. Among all that, hubby and I always found time to sneak out of the house to go walk around the city streets with the 'newly-married' tag painted all over our faces, shopping, talking about our favorite places and mostly stocking up on street food we knew we were gonna miss so much in a few days. 
The speed with which the local 'chaat walas' prepared their delicious goodies is just amazing. Apart from the regular favorites, there was always something new they had to offer. Spinach chaat was one of them. We both loved it.
Coming to the US, I was excited to see that the Indian restaurants also offered the basic chaat on their menu. Tried it at a few places but was rather disappointed as it did not come even close to the real deal. That is when I decided to do my own. I have posted the more common form of chaat before, the Aloo Tikki Chaat. This past weekend I got reminded of the spinach chaat and hence this post. This is kind of like papdi chat only palak pakoda is used in place of papdi, also it is very easy to make and a lot more healthier. Hope you guys like it as much as I liked making it and we did eating :)

Here goes-
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Banana & Strawberry Smoothie

150 Grams of Strawberry
2 Banana's
5 Tbsp Sugar
Rose milk essence few drops
500ml Milk (Chilled)
1/4 Cup Water (Chilled)

 Chop the banana and strawberry add to a blender along with sugar rose milk essence and water blend well to a smooth puree add the milk check for sugar add sugar if needed  and blend well serve chilled....Enjoy...:)

I've also done a detail recipe demo watch try it yourself share with friends and family...enjoy...:)