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Butter Chicken/Murg Makhani

If you have been following USMasala you would've probably guessed that hubs and I are vegetarians. This is the second chicken recipe among the close to three hundred that I have published so far - the only other being Chicken Tikka. I have sung praises of my Chicken-holic brother if you read the chicken tikka post. That should give you an idea how much he has to have chicken in some form at least for one or even two meals every day. This might surprise you but I do cook chicken for him at home when he visits. Yes that's right, I make it for him without even tasting it and like he says it is some of the best chicken ever and trust me he is honest when it comes to his opinions - especially to me. For that I give myself some serious bragging rights.
Now for the recipe itself - the name Butter Chicken might be misleading as I believe the word 'butter' in it for the creamy texture of gravy rather than the fact that it is loaded with butter. I have seen the literal interpretation of the name in many preparations in the local restaurants. This recipe here - believe it or not - uses no butter at all and trust me, you will not miss it. Also, unlike the impression that the ingredients list might give you, the recipe is rather straightforward to make. So for all you chicken lovers, let me know how you like it.
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