Thứ Hai, 24 tháng 12, 2012

One Bowl Fruit Cake - my way!

Let's start with the disclaimer first. This is not your traditional, fully loaded fruit cake. This recipe does not involve rum, soaking, a few more time consuming steps and is not too rich either. It can be put together in one bowl in a few simple steps, tastes absolutely fabulous and looks festive with all the holiday colors. For those of my readers that have had similar growing-up experiences as I have, this cake will surely remind you of the plain old tutti-frutti cake from the local bakery that we so enjoyed. I always thought making this cake must require a complex process and machines that only factories have. So we never even tried to make it at home. Plus the fact that ovens are not a common fixture in most kitchens in India. A part of the 'factory machines' and 'complex process' in that the tutti-frutti must require some specialized machines. But the fact that they sell the tutti-frutti mix ready-made in the stores makes this cake a very easy do. A simple twist to the basic vanilla sponge to give it a holiday twist. A fun variation to the traditional cake recipe that is so popular in my family.
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