Thứ Hai, 18 tháng 10, 2010


Malpuas... whenever I think of them, the festival of Holi and Dussehera comes to mind... and along comes some sweet childhood memories. I remember my mom making these along with loads of other delicacies on festivals like pedukiya/gujhiya, nimki, dahi vada... and our home would be filled with the sweet and wonderful aroma of warmth and festivity! Growing up, it was a family tradition to make at least malpua and dahi-vada for Vijaya-Dashmi.
Despite some regional variations and versions, I think the original and authentic malpuas come from my native Bihar and Bengal. It is an Indian pancake made with flour, milk, khoya, mashed bananas, nuts, cardamom powder, deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. I don't have a sweet tooth (other than chocolate) so I don't care much for them, but my hubby is head over heels in love with them since time immemorial... he can eat like 10 of them in one go... I am not kidding... he really does!! Also, this was one the first few dishes I made for him after we got married and he was mighty impressed :) All the credit goes to my mom for this wonderful recipe.
Extending the family tradition, this Vijaya-Dashmi I made them too.Being caught up with the festivities, I did not get a chance to post. Here's how we do Malpuas. Will follow soon with Dahi-vada.
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