Thứ Bảy, 2 tháng 10, 2010

Shahi Paneer with Cumin rice

Shahi Paneer literally means ‘Royal Paneer’, a dish fit for kings. It is of Mughlai origin. It is very widely popular and served in almost every Indian restaurant. The exotic cashew based sweet and spicy white gravy is a nice variation from the usual red and cream based gravies that are usually associated with paneer. Typical dishes require paneer to be fried in advance, but for this recipe there is no need to do that. Adding milk and cashew paste enhances the taste. This dish is indeed one of those easy ones that is exotic yet can be prepared in virtually no time. Some like to add tomato in the gravy but I don't to make it a little different from paneer butter masala otherwise they will look and taste almost the same. When served in restaurants, it is loaded with ghee and cream as well. I do not like to use cream in my version. 
It is often classically paired with cumin rice and optionally some tadka daal. Jeera rice is one of the simplest yet the most flavorful rice preparations. It is basically basmati rice seasoned with cumin, ghee and onions and goes very well with quite a few Indian curries.
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