Thứ Ba, 5 tháng 10, 2010

Kashmiri Dum Aloo/Baby potatoes in yogurt gravy

on't you think potato is a very forgiving vegetable... no matter how you make it, what 
spices you put in it, it is almost always edible and satisfying. It is a staple in my home also, whenever I find myself staring at the refrigerator wondering what to cook, the humble potato always comes to the rescue. Also, it is very versatile and goes well with either rice or roti.
Of all the different kinds, baby potatoes are my favorite. I find them extremely cute (a big pain to peel but still love 'em). Of all the recipes I make from these cuties this aloo dum (the bihari version) is my hubby's most favorite thing in the world. Looking for a new dum aloo recipe I came across this recipe from our very own Vah Chef's cooking videos and bookmarked it. Made it a few days ago and now it is my hubby's second most fav aloo dish. How can you not like it when its baby potatoes simmered in creamy and an aromatic gravy made with yogurt, cashews flavored with traditional kashmiri spices like ginger and fennel powder.
Dum Aloo is named so because it is cooked under 'dum' or pressure. In this cooking method, the food is cooked under pressure in its own juices! 
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