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Tawa Pulao

umbai is world famous for its array of mouth watering street foods especially the chaats available at every street corner. Juhu beach, especially is the most famous hub... a very crowded place where you often find yourself wading through a sea of people with the sound of the waves crashing in the background often looking for the next yummy food stall that gets your attention among the numerous street food vendors lined up. No trip to this beach is complete without having those delectable chaats that they serve there and possibly a healthy dose of pani poories, vada pav, batata, bhel.
Tawa pulao is another such road-side delicacy. It is a very easy and different kind of a pulao recipe. You wouldn't think of rice with veggies as ingredients for your typical street food but this pulao might just give your idea of street food a complete makeover. Kudos to those vendors that come up with ideas like these.
I like the crunchiness of the vegetables and the pav bhaji masala adds a distinct flavor to the rice. It is made on a tawa or griddle hence the name. These chaat wallas are so good with fusion cooking and so innovative. This rice is now also served at fancy restuarants and even top chefs boast of having this in their repertoire.
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