Thứ Hai, 25 tháng 10, 2010

Swiss Roll

There are quite a few recipes I have posted recently that are linked to my childhood memories. Guess when I think about food, a part of me still is a child that wants to have fun. This recipe is for another one of those fun childhood memories from the time I was a lil' girl. These simple rolls used to fascinate me over all the complex and beautifully made up cakes and pastries around. The soft spongy rolls filled with fruity jam was always my favorite. This was always the cake for me whenever we used to go to any pastry shop any day. I also like the fact that this is very light and can be used as a light dessert.
Always thought it will be very tricky to make, but thanks to chef Sanjeev Kapoor and his cookbook I was able to make these absolutely wonderful rolls at home. They were light, delicious, moist... exactly the way I remember them. And yes, rolling them can be a little tricky with the jam oozing out and making a mess (you can tell I speak from experience)... well how did I do it then, got hubby to work! easy :)
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