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Baingan bharta/ Roasted Mashed eggplant

aingan or eggplant , might not be the favorite of all, but is definitely a favorite of few and in that category comes my dearest hubby... ohh he just loves it and can't get enough. He can eat it every single day and in all its forms :) Before I got married to him I didn't detest this vegetable but it was definitely not my favorite, until one day when he made this lip smacking baingan bharta.. and boy, I was hooked. This is his famous recipe (yeah!! the man can cook :)) from his good old bachelor days and without doubt and bias I can say this is is THE BEST Eggplant bharta recipe you will ever make and taste!
It is basically a mashed roasted eggplant mixed with several spices, (lots of) garlic, tomatoes and preferably some other veggies.
The way he tells me about its origins is totally believable. Not having any clue about what goes in a classic bharta recipe he decided to add any veggies he had at the time in the refrigerator and as well every spice that he was familiar with (adding Hing and Amchur were my touch to it).
He basically messed up by making it this one time for me. Now if there is ever eggplant bharta made in my household, it is him at the stove battling it out. Of course I am there to help out, like roasting the eggplant in the oven was my idea (he used to roast it on the stove-top and make a mess ;)
Can be served with roti, paratha or rice, for lunch or dinner.You can also serve them with flat breads or crackers and they make for a great appetizer.  personally like to eat it rolled up inside a paratha :)
So here it is... enjoy!
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