Chủ Nhật, 29 tháng 1, 2012

Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate Bark

alentine's day is still a few days but I couldn't help it when I saw this simply fabulous chocolate recipe. I kid you not, this was the EASIEST and most AMAZING chocolaty sweet treat I made ever! Decadent dark chocolate topped with crunchy roasted nuts, bits of crystallized ginger, along with sweet tart dried cranberries, cherries and finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. The salty, sweet chocolaty combination is totally addictive and exotic and it looks oh sooo pretty!  Oh and did I mention it’s also kinda healthy full of antioxidants and there’s no baking required. Now I am a chocolate nut (no pun intended) so you can take what I say with a grain of salt (no pun again... lol) but when hubs, who - to remind you - is not the biggest chocolate lover, goes "hmm... this stuff is really good" and asks for seconds, that you gotta believe.

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