Thứ Tư, 4 tháng 8, 2010

Achari aloo

This was one of the very first dishes I made for my dear hubby after we got married and I came to the US. He had called a few friends over for dinner and I set everything up on the table (achari aloo, puri, fried rice, malai kofta, raita and kheer... amazing how I still remember). He looked very happy and was mighty impressed, loved it.. so it will always be something very special :) He especially asked me make this achari aloo often.
Achari aloo is basically a tangy and spicy dry potato curry flavored with traditional indian pickle masalas. I love the fennel and achari flavor in this dish. It is also always hit with guests, great for potlucks and picnics too, as it tastes great both hot and cold. Goes with almost anything but we like it best with pooris... mmmm! This is ridiculously easy to make and super fast. I make it with tiny whole red potatoes. Traditionally the recipes calls for deep frying but I skip that to make it healthier so it can be eaten on a regular basis.
So here goes my version. 
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