Thứ Tư, 11 tháng 8, 2010

Veg fajita wraps with avocado corn salsa

Mexican is my favorite only after Italian (and obviously Indian) cuisine. I personally think Mexican cuisine is always a favorite for us Indians as it has so many similar spices and flavors – cumin, coriander, garlic, chili etc. Fajitas are a very famous part of this cuisine. Traditionally it is made with marinated and grilled skirt steak. The word 'Fajita' is derived from the spanish word faja which literally means belt. It is made with tough thin cut skirt steak. The meat is usually wrapped in soft tortillas with a variety of garnishes. Us being vegetarians, I always try to recreate the meatless versions of these popular dishes at home.
So I combined a lot of different colored peppers, some green beans and onions, marinated them in lemon and some spices from my very own desi spice rack, stir fried them, wrapped in flour tortillas, top it with my avocado corn salsa, some sour cream and mexican style shredded cheese... total yum... I don't think you'd miss the meat at all!

It was easy, fun and delightful... I know I will be making this often :)
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