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Pan Roasted Tandoori Potatoes

y experience with food over the last several years tells me that people love potatoes. Plain and simple, they do. Especially the dry roasted and crispy kind. For one thing, the potato appetizer recipes on US Masala get more hits from people all over the world than all other dishes combined (nutella based recipes being a close second). Serve some crispy baked potatoes in a get-together and I have seen people flock to that tray first. Then of course the ever popular french fry does deserve a mention which however you should avoid for them being soaked in oil and all. I have sung praises of the potato in some of my other popular posts. You can find them here -
Roasted baby potatoes Indian style
Garlic masala baked potato wedges
Masala potato cake with ginger walnut cilantro pesto
Hubs is also a big fan of this vegetable. In fact they had a cook off at his office in one of those annual office events where he looked up my recipe on his iPhone and made the roasted baby potatoes. As he tells me, they were a hit and were gone in no time. I believe him.
Here is another potato snack which is a treat to the senses. Being pan roasted with only 2 tbsp of oil, you can enjoy a few. Pick one up with a fork (a toothpick makes it more fun) and enjoy the savory goodness of the creaminess of the baby potatoes soaked with the flavors of an exotic tandoori marinade, made crispy on the outside with a quick pan roast. For this dish, make the reach for your share from the platter because if you snooze you will lose - they will all be gone.
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