Thứ Ba, 29 tháng 5, 2012

Jalepeño Popper Dip

hat does one do when one is in the middle of a very interesting book and has this sudden urge of having something to munch on. No its not that I got distracted, its more like the way popcorn makes a movie better. For me that urge more specifically translates to some spicy dip with some chips? These cravings often show up uninvited especially when it is still not dinner time and its been a little bit since you had lunch, say around 5'ish in the evening. Ring a bell anyone?
Now dip'n chip! Hmmm... but what kind, my mind went almost half thinking about it. Something inside me suggested I seriously continue reading, it was too much work to get up an look for food, moreover I wouldn't find anything ready to eat in the refrigerator anyway (yeah I tend to not stock up on read-to-eat stuff). Yes I did finally get up, opened my good old refrigerator and scanned it through. I was right, there was nothing in there that I could pop the top of, peel the plastic cover and dip right in. Yeah I don't always feel like The book was still calling me back. It was then I discovered a jar of pickled jalapeños, some cream cheese... this can work I went... in fact I might've even said it out loud, quickly consulted my dear friend 'Google', typed jalepeno cheese dip and ta-da... found this recipe. I improvised according to the ingredients available that time in my refrigerator and pantry (I had no cheese except some low fat string cheese, no canned chillies, no fresh jalepenos and so on). The result was a spicy, cheesy delicious, addictive and still a very healthy dip! I had to click and post it - so here it is.
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