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Gobhi Manchurian/Crispy Cauliflower in a spicy chilli-garlic sauce

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Growing up, I remember this was one of the few dishes we would expect to eat only in restaurants. Always thought it was too difficult to be made at home or there was some special closely guarded secret to making it. Then one day mom got brave (that she always is and not just about food), using her exceptional skills to be able to tell the components in a dish merely by tasting it, tried it at home. It was an instant hit among family and friends. My brother and I could not wait for the next time she would make it - at times we would force her :) These days the sides have switched a bit. Hubs is a big fan of this dish as well and now it is his turn to talk me into making it every so often. I don't mind either.
I love Chinese food but I have a certain (very strong) bias towards Indian-Chinese (aka indo-chinese) cuisine. We Indians have had a long-lived love affair with Chinese food. Long before pizzas, burgers and junk food became popular, it was Chinese food that most of us wanted when we craved something different. One may argue that Indo-chinese is not really Chinese food as it is not very close to authentic Chinese food. It has been totally adapted and re-flavored to suit an Indian palette. But hey, that is what fusion food is all about, right? Who knew the marriage of a little soy sauce with Indian spices could be so delicious!
My favorites have always been the chilli and manchurian varieties. These dishes may be made with cauliflower, paneer or chicken and are extremely popular in India. The sauce has no basis in the historical Chinese cuisine. In India this ever popular dish is served at glamorous restaurants as well as by the street-side vendors and is consumed with vigor and excitement among all class of people.
The cauliflower has a crispy coating and is tossed with a mouth-watering spicy tangy sauce. These are perfect for appetizers or may even be served as a side dish. Use a toothpick or a fork as you please and enjoy with cocktails during or before a meal.
These are really easy to make at home, taste awesome and are always a big hit with guests. They are often paired with Chinese style fried rice. These are great for potluck parties and will be gone in seconds! 
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