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Pizza Hut Style Breadsticks with Dipping Sauce ~ All Homemade

Those among my readers that like to cook and experiment in the kitchen will surely agree that recreating a dish that you had somewhere just by memory and getting similar results, if not better, has that extra special kick. You get to eat what you like and can do it whenever you like without having to drive out, not to mention at a fraction of the cost. If you have followed my work, you would know I am a bread lover. Every now and then we take kiddo to our local dine-in Pizza Hut for her fix of pizza. I hit the salad bar and mostly load up on that while hubs and the little one tear open little packets of grated parmesan, sprinkle on their slice and devour it while emphatically claiming how good it was. They offer me a slice which I gladly accept. Every now and then we order a side of breadsticks as well. It would probably be no surprise to you when I say I love those. This weekend I pushed my memory a little and attempted to make them at home. Yes it a success story and a nice one at that. They came out just perfect. Light and fluffy, slightly crispy at the bottom and perfectly seasoned with cheese and spices. I had a taste and instantly knew they will be a hit. My proof came when kiddo, who never wants to eat, took one stick and walked away. Couple of minutes later she returned to the kitchen saying 'mommy can I have one more please'. I did not need to hear any more.
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