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I've have been dinning at MTR since my childhood but my grandparents have been to MTR in 1930s its very famous coffee house or tiffin center  based at Bangalore MTR had started business since 1924 its a heritage center for all bangaloreans nobody has given sponsorship for my review its all on my own. MTR is also know for its bisibelebath powder/podi and many more condiments their products and masalas are available world over they have maintained the original ambiance and have not renovated the place is very clean and well maintained other than tiffin they serve very tasty sweets and lunch everyone must experience the authentic pure veg food served from 6am till 7pm its has been more of tourist destination now days since its located next to world heritage Botanical Garden Lalbagh. the 1920s hotel sure is a showstopper and must visit for everyone.

they've also started serving grilled sandwich, veg burger, ice creams, bakery products and other condiments they have outlets around bangalore but nothing like dinning out at original MTR.

They have huge demanding crowd to cater on daily basis we would have to wait to savor their tasty treats once you enter MTR you will have to reserve your name and wait for them to call the waiting time is normally 30 to 45 minutes.
everyone has to wait even if your a VIP you will have to reserve a seat and wait there are 3 waiting rooms at MTR so you can imagine the crowd we met 2 americans, 3 french and 10 people from UK our friends enjoyed the tiffin @ MTR they told us they have been dinning @ MTR everyday...:) we also met people from Delhi, Pune and Punjab who were enjoying every minute of it...i thank everyone who gave me their reviews and experience @ visit the food its bit pricey but moneys worth for quality and authentic recipes served.
     Dinning area @ 1st level...
My Masala Dosa and Vada it was awesome...:)
Fruit Salad and Coffee...myself and dad enjoyed...thanks to all my friends and DAD...♥♥♥

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