Thứ Sáu, 11 tháng 1, 2013

English Muffins!

Another ode to my love for bread. As much as I love eating different kinds, I love making them too. Take a look at the 'Breads' category and you will know what I mean. Talk about some serious bragging rights. Bread baking for me is almost therapeutic. The kneading is the best part (if you are mad at someone, this is the best way to calm yourself down. Yes, it works every time for me... lol). To be able to get out a loaf of delicious bread from a few everyday ingredients is a wonder - not to mention the smell of fresh baked bread that fills the house. The excitement to see the dough rise and then finally cut into it and see how perfect it came out... aah it is almost a high for me (I know I know this is probably the hundredth time I am writing this)... but its true :)
The english muffin got my curiosity only recently. It is not something that is commonly known in India. That one day when hubs got it for us at the mall food court I have wanted to make it ever since and am proud to declare they came out really good.
With some butter or jam spread, they are perfect for a quick breakfast and can even be quickly made into a burger for a light lunch. Whats more is that you do not need and oven to make them, they can be made right on your stove top in a regular pan. I had a batch ready when my little one got back from school all exhausted and hungry. She ate a couple before even getting her shoes off and invented a new kind of sandwich while she was at it, english muffins with cheddar slice and butter!
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