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Matar Paneer

Matar Paneer is arguably the dish that most number of people in the world have tasted. I go by the theory that every single soul that lives in the subcontinent has at least eaten it once - over a 1.25 billion people. That may be an embellished way of putting it but probably the best way to express the reality of this dish. One of the most common dish made from one of the most common ingredient in specialty Indian cooking, Paneer. A dish for all places and occasion. Be it a guest or the kids birthday or you simple feel like eating something special to anniversaries and weddings - there is a good chance matar paneer will be one of the dishes served. It sure was something my mother made for my birthday parties every year along with other specialties. It is also omnipresent. Every restaurant obviously offers it but if you ever find yourself driving in the most remote part of the country and pull over to eat in a rinky-dink roadside dhaba, rest assured you can order for a hot plate of matar paneer with roti.
The sweetness of the peas together with the creamy bite of the paneer brought together by a creamy gravy that you can make as mild or spicy as you prefer, just brings it all home especially with a piece of hot Naan.
Again, this dish is made with slight variations by different people. I make it a couple of different ways myself but this version I present is the healthy one where I avoid using cream or butter or cashews altogether which this dish normally calls for.
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