Thứ Hai, 4 tháng 3, 2013

Quick Pickled Jalapenos

Yesterday I was at our local farmer's market. They have the most beautiful and colorful stuff all around. I go crazy around all the fresh produce they have. The sight, the smell, just too good to resist. I began picking all different kinds of vegetables. The pretty one... the colorful one... the new kind (which I had no idea what to do with) whatever I could get my hands on. Hubs was watching from a distance waiting with the kiddo, pretending to not know the crazy lady raiding all the vegetables ha ha. I love my trips to the local farmer's market for our regular quota of vegetables and fruit. There’s always an excitement waiting to see what produce has arrived. Every season seems to bring some new variety of vegetable and fruit. Lot of new varieties, kinds that was never familiar to me growing up. Nowadays, I take a lot of them for granted because they are easily available.
For those who are not very familiar with Jalapenos, they are thick skinned and a moderately hot variety of Mexican green chillies. A smoked and dried Jalapeno is called Chipotle.
Pickle or achaar to me as like every fellow Indian is the tangy, hot thick raw, mango/ chilli pieces drained in hot spices infused oil and oh so mouthwatering. I have had my share of pickles (the pickle monster as I was named by my mom). Though, for the most part, I detest vinegar based western style pickle, but this one I absolutely love, I keep buying a jar whenever I visit the supermarket and eating like a side not a condiment much to my hubs surprise. That was until yesterday when I saw these fresh, beautiful (and to my pleasant surprise, so very inexpensive) peppers yesterday in the market. The idea to pickle them was instant and I am glad I did. These can jazz up any boring meal - nachos or tacos, wraps or sandwiches, pizza - just about anything! To top it all, it takes just about 15 minutes to put it together (of course beside the couple of days in the fridge for the pickling process). If you are a fan as big as I am of tangy and hot stuff, trust me, this pickle is absolutely addictive.
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