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Coconut Daal/Lentils simmered in spicy creamy coconut sauce

aal or lentils is the ultimate comfort food for us Indians. Something we eat almost every day with either rice or roti or homemade flat bread. In keeping with the theme, I try to include it in some way or form in atleast one meal each day in our household. It is especially important for vegetarians as lentils provide a very good and oftentimes the only substantial source of protein. So I often look for different ways to incorporate them in our daily diet. So a few days ago when one of my dear readers mentioned that they had coconut daal in some restaurant and wondered if I knew how to make it, I got a pleasant reminder of a long forgotten recipe - another addition to my list of daal recipes.
Lentils come in different varieties and there are endless possibilities for how you can cook them. A little change in the seasonings and spices will allow you to create a completely new dish with new flavors. This is a simple, rustic recipe with simple subtle flavors of creamy coconut and the seasoning of mild spices and curry leaves. A comfort food which when eaten with rice and stir fried veggies, makes you all warm 'n fuzzy.
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