Thứ Hai, 11 tháng 2, 2013

Valentine Treats!

A lot is said about Valentine's day. It means different things to different people, all related in some shape or form to love and caring. Yes, you do not need a day set out to celebrate love but it couldn't hurt to take one day of your lives in a year to make an extra effort to express how you feel, go out of your way to show how much you care. When it comes to love and caring, it is always about the two most favorite people in my life, my little princess and hubs. One of the little ways in which I express myself is cooking something for them, and that 'something' almost always involves chocolate. Here I have put together a list of few of my favorites from some of my recent work - and you will notice most of them involve chocolate! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!
Click on the links below to go to the recipe.

Molten Dark chocolate cake
Nutella filled baked donuts
Best chocolate cake ever
Pink lemonade bars
Rose srikhand
Homemade Ferroro Rocher
Cherry peach cobbler
Choco hotpots

For more treats look here.

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  2. Can I please follow your blog too? I'm a regular reader and have made many of your recipes. I'm dying to make that butter chicken again.
    Thank you for introducing me to Indian cooking!

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