Thứ Hai, 11 tháng 2, 2013

Dhingri Matar/ Mushroom Peas Curry

Up until a few years ago in India, before they started farming mushrooms and all those supermarket chains started opening up and selling those farmed ones, the only kind of mushrooms available were the wild ones. They used to be a rarity that would only be available for a few days during the monsoons. You would find some vendors, usually local farmers that found them growing somewhere, selling them in small wicker baskets along the roadside. And boy were they gone fast. If you didn't get there in time, they were gone in the first few hours. People loved them then, and they love them now. We are no different in our family our little one included. I have come to make mushrooms many different ways. Here I present a mushroom curry done in the north Indian style. It has the bite of the mushrooms, the kick and heat from the spices along with the sweetness from the peas. One of the ways we love our mushrooms. 
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