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Lal Chana Ghugni aur Tikona Paratha/Black Chickpea Curry and Paratha

 was craving to have something that is closer to home and to the heart... and when you talk about close to home you often think of simple things that mom made that you enjoyed growing up. This dish is one of my comfort foods. Every time I make it, the sound of the sizzling spice and the aroma reminds me of home, of my childhood… lal chana ghugni used to be a staple back home – I love the flavor these special spices bring when cooked in Mustard oil. If you are not aware, traditionally most of the recipes from my native cuisine  use mustard oil for cooking ~ in my opinion the flavor that mustard oil imparts can not be replaced with any other substitute. This recipe is a plain, simple comfort food ghugni with poori or parantha reminds me of the frequent weekend breakfasts during our childhood days. The side dish used to be yogurt, pickle and gud (palm jaggery).
Every recipe from home comes with a satchel full of memories ~ while growing up and having mom to cook for me, I never really paid attention to how comforting and delicious some humble ghugni might taste and smell. It was just a part of everyday, which of course I didn't make much of in those days. After all that was mom and this is what she always made, right? ... aah... the things we take for granted...  Many years later, I love the smell intensely because I miss it so much and no matter how good I make it, it never comes close to the taste of mom's ghugni.
Paratha is a general term of a flatbread cooked in a pan with some oil. They come in various shapes and sizes varying from one region of India to another. Sometimes they are round, sometimes stuffed, even layered but for me parathas always have been these triangle ones, the ones that I picture in my head when I hear 'paratha'.
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