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Basil Garlic Chicken Tikka (Lasooni Basil Murgh Tikka)

This was purely 100% my own experiment and some how turned out real good the kabab was moist and very fragrant and my home was filled with aromatic sweet smells of basil ☺
500 Grams Cubed Boneless Chicken
3 Tbsp Yogurt
2 Tbsp Cream or Cream Cheese
1 Tbsp Turmeric Powder
1 1/2 Tbsp Garam Masala
8 Chillies
15 Pods Garlic
1 Inch Ginger
1/2 Lime
Fist Full Fresh Basil or 1 Tbsp Dried Basil
Salt as per taste
Oil For Frying

1 Tomato (Deseeded) 1 Bell Pepper (Desseded) 1 Large Onion all the veggies must be cut into equal cubes this step is optional....veggies can be added or left out....

Recipe Demo Video...Subscribe to me on Youtube...

Marination Paste: 
  1. In as fry pan add 1sp oil on medium flame fry the garlic till light brown in color add ginger chillies and basil  fry a bit till basil and chillies have roasted a bit remove from flame allow to cool.
  2. Add the fried ingredients to mixer jar grind to a coarse paste add yogurt, garam masala, cream cheese, salt and turmeric grind to a smooth paste.

  • In a mixing bowl add the chicken veg and masala paste mix well cover allow to marinate over night.
  • In a large pot of water soak the bamboo one hour before preparing kabab.
  • Take a skewer shake of excess moisture start to skew the veg and chicken and stack them tight.
  • Heat a iron tava or use a oven at 200 degree for 15 to 20 minutes to cook the chicken till well done make sure all sides of chicken are roasted make sure to butter the chicken time to time and keep the kababs turning till well roasted serve hot with chutney...Enjoy...:)

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