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IDLY and DOSA Batter

This was the most requested recipe from all my viewers on youtube and facebook...this recipe is simple as it can get no fuss recipe i will be uploading variations on dosa and idly soon...

As requested the recipe uploaded recipe demo video...:)

Salem Rice(Salem Kusubalakki)-3cups
Split Black Gram (Urad dal) -1 Cup
Flatten Rice Flakes (Paper Avalakki or Poha) 2 Fist Fulls
Fenugreek Seeds-2 Sp
Cooking Soda-1/4 Sp
Salt Fist Full
Oil- 4Tbsp
  1. Wash rice thrice and soak in water for 6 hours
  2. Wash urad dal and soak in water for 6 hours
  3. Wash Fenugreek and soak in water for 4 hours after soaking for 4 hours drain the water. place one cup of water to boil in a pot add the fenugreek in boiling water and cook till it doubles in size drain water and reserve.
  4. Wash the rice flakes twice drain a reserve. this step should be done just before grinding the batter. 
  5. Mom has been using ultra grinder for almost 10 years now to grind the batter mixer grinder can also be used.
  6. Drain water from the soaking urad dal and rice reserve.
  7. First grind the cooked fenugreek and rice flakes to mushy consistency add water if needed.
  8. After grinding the rice flakes and fenugreek add urad dal and grind to soft batter water can be sprinkled to grind to a smooth consistency to double check if the urad dal has ground to a smooth paste add a drop of batter to a bowl of water the batter should retain consistency and float on the water. 
  9. Remove the ground dal batter into a large bowl. add the soaked rice and grind to a smooth paste water can be added to grind into a smooth paste.
  10. Once the rice is ground to a smooth batter mix both the batter till well combined.
we prepare this batter in bulk and store in the fridge when needed we reserve some batter in a large bowl and allow to ferment over night and use the next day. this measure of batter will serve 3 sets of idly and 2 sets of dosa over a period of 1 week...
  • Reserve some batter in a large bowl sprinkle on salt and allow to ferment over night.
  • Once batter has fermented add a pinch of cooking soda 2 to 3 tbsp oil sprinkle some water and mix the batter till well combined.
Now the batter is ready to use for IDLY or DOSA....Enjoy...☺

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