Thứ Hai, 7 tháng 2, 2011

Kathal ke Kofte/Jackfruit kofta curry

I speak to my mom in India quite often. We talk about a lot of things. The other day she happened to mention that Jackfruit was back in season in India. This time of the year they have the small raw ones that are really good for curry (aah my mouth waters just as I think about the it). I cannot find fresh jackfruit anywhere in stores here but they carry the canned ones in the local oriental markets. While I was talking to her, I got reminded that I had a few cans sitting in my pantry and I'd made up my mind I would make these koftas. If you remember my kathal spree from a few moons ago, I'd gotten a whole ten pounder from a local farmer except I had to drive a couple of hundred miles to get it. Believe it or not I tried calling the guy but it appears that they are not in season yet here in the states. I keep a few cans handy as I like to make different things with jackfruit and they come in handy. And handy they came indeed as I succumbed to my kathal craving.
Kofta (as they are usually referred to in the South Asian Subcontinent) have a heavy presence over various cuisines. The concept of the kofta (or kufteh, köfte, keftes, kufta, ćufta…) is that a ground form of particular ingredients are spiced (according to what herbs and spices are predominantly available in that country) and rolled into a certain shape. Kofta can be fried, steamed, grilled or baked according to what ingredients you added to the mix. Koftas are traditionally made of minced meat however it is not uncommon to find koftas made of paneer, bottle gourd, mashed potatoes etc.
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