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Kadahi Bhindi (Okra curry)

adahi bhindi or bhindi masala always brings a smile to my face. Why? You ask. Its only bhindi after all. Well you are absolutely right. That is exactly why. Read on.
The story is from the first few days after coming to the US after getting married. Dear hubby, trying to show me around and to take his lady out to wine and dine, offered to take me out for dinner to our local Indian restaurant. I obliged. The menu was like any regular Indian restaurant, the usual paneer and mushroom dishes, biryanis, naans, parathas. He asked me what I wanted and we waited for the waiter to show up. I can't remember exactly what I had... it was some paneer dish I think... but to my utter dismay, hubby ordered bhindi masala... and I went... WHAT! I mean who orders bhindi in a restaurant! Moreover when you are paying fifteen bucks for an entree, wouldn't you rather eat paneer or atleast something more exotic.
Let me explain. Back at home, when okra was in season, mom would always make bhindi masala for lunch or dinner. Every restaurant you went to, had bhindi masala on the menu and we conveniently chose to ignore it... of course. Hence my reaction.
When hubby explained, it actually made sense. I still don't agree with him... but it made sense. During his bachelor days in India, he ate all three meals in restaurants and well... like me he always ate paneer. So much so that he could not longer stand it.
We agreed silently to disagree. Since then he has warmed up to the idea of paneer (thankfully!) and doesn't order bhindi at restaurants anymore (he claims its because I make a killer bhindi masala at home :)
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