Thứ Tư, 9 tháng 2, 2011

The best food I have blogged about in 2010!

When my dear blogger friend Smitha announced her event, I was totally excited to participate and set upon the difficult task to pick a couple of dishes from well over a hundred that I published in the past year. It took  a little while and some going back and forth but here are the two of my most personally we liked dishes from the year 2010 that you saw on USMasala.

Yes, the humble naan ended up being one of my most favorite creations of the year that was. Why, you ask? If you have ever attempted making one yourself, you would know it is no mean feat to make a perfect one. And perfect it was, just look at it. Moreover, all the love it generated by way of the positive feedback and being attempted successfully by fellow bloggers and foodies over the globe was just added proof.

Does the sound of a warm cheezy Pizza interest you? How about Paneer Tikka as a snack. Now combine the two into one mind boggling dish. Do you get the picture? The only thing better than the picture now in your head is when you bite into this warm cheesy goodness and the desi taste of paneer tikka hits you over the head followed by the soft yet crispy whole wheat crust.

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