Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 8, 2012

Olive Garden style Bread sticks

When eating out, even when I am ordering an entree that costs me twenty bucks a pop, more than waiting for my order to show up, I anxiously look forward to those tasty baskets of warm and fresh baked rolls or bread sticks. And more often than not I am sure to ask for a second helping. Yes, I am a total bread lover. Love all kinds. Love eating 'em as well as making 'em. Guess our bodies are programmed to like carbs.
Seeing the overwhelming response to the pizza hut bread sticks, I got reminded of some of the other kinds of bread I have eaten at restaurants. On popular demand here is a recipe for Olive Garden style bread sticks. And trust me I got reminded of a few others, so stay tuned :)
This one is the the easiest breads I have baked so far. The recipe is simple and almost effortless and the result is a soft flaky bread stick with a thin crusty shell that garnished with seasoning is a snack unto itself, yes feel free to sit with a knife and some butter if you must.
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