Thứ Ba, 14 tháng 8, 2012

Mango Pineapple Smoothie

There are a very few things sweet that my little one will let touch her taste buds. She even drinks her daily glass of milk with no sugar. Chocolate is one thing she enjoys but although a total chocoholic when it comes to drinks she doesn't even like hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake - go figure. As far as drinks go, mango based drinks is one the recent finds the we discovered she thoroughly enjoys. It happened at a recent visit to an Indian restaurant at their lunch buffet. They had a dispenser with Mango Lassi. It took a little effort to get her to try it. We always make it a point to get her to try things, the conversation usually goes - "Try it, you don't have to eat any more if you don't like it". Well... those 30 minutes at the restaurant, that mango lassi is all she drank. Several little cups full.
Hence this drink. Granted its a variation of your typical mango lassi, I wanted to put a little tropical tang and twist with it. Yes she enjoyed this too.
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