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Event Announcement - Virtual Party - Beverages

A big hello to all you food lovers out there. As you know the Virtual Party has started. Shabitha announced the start of this party back in September (hey its virtual, it can go on for a little longer than a regular party, right :) A few days ago she asked me if I would want to co-host the party with her. Too good an offer to pass on, what made it irresistible was that I get to choose my course.
Well since the party has started with a bang with Shabitha's Chocolates and Ruchika's Snacks, I figured the guests would need something to wash it down with, you guessed it, a nice refreshing drink. So foodies, put your bartender hats on and get your coolers and ice boxes out (or even a thermos if you'd like a hot drink)... lets see what you have in store to quench the thirsts of the guests of this one helluva fun party.

As with everything there's some rules here too (no you don't have to be home before 10 :)
Here they are -

  • Prepare a beverage that meets the party theme... yes you can put an umbrella in it... and send your entries between November 10th - December 10th
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • Link back to this event announcement page and Shabitha's original event announcement and include the event logo in your post
  • Archived posts are allowed if they are reposted with a link to the event
  • Email the details of the post to with the subject line as Virtual Party - Beverages with the below details
    •  Your Name
    •  Blog Name
    •  Recipe Name
    •  Recipe URL
    •  Picture of the dish
  • Non bloggers may also send in their entries to the above mail address

Hoping to see  some enthusiastic participation and a lot of entries!

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