Thứ Sáu, 26 tháng 11, 2010

Lachha Paratha

I have always always wanted to make the perfect lachha parathas. These are my hubby's favorite and I like 'em too. The buttery, over-the-top flaky, multi layered and the fun looking parathas are just delicious and very hard to resist, you just wanna rip the layers,dunk in a buttery gravy and gobble it up.
I had tried it a few times and the results were well satisfying but I was still looking for that perfect recipe and my quest ended when I saw the delicious and perfect lachha parathas on Priya's blog. They looked so good... she had explaied it so well and as we all know she somehow has this unique ability to make the most intimidating or intriguing recipes sound easy. It tempted me to try it right away. I also love that she didn't add in any eggs in the dough. I tried it the same day within hours she posted and I can't thank her enough it turned out great...we loved it!
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