Thứ Bảy, 29 tháng 1, 2011

Chocolate Egg Cream

4 Tbsp Chocolate Syrup
1 Bottle Club Soda
1 Cup Milk
2 Tbsp Sugar

Lets Prepare:
  • Boil the milk add sugar and mix well.
  • Chill the milk club soda and chocolate syrup in the refrigerator.
  • Using a tall tumbler add the chocolate syrup and fill 1/4 glass of milk mix well with a spoon add the club soda slowly mix well....serve...enjoy...:)
I would call this bubbly goodness yummy however my friend did not like this drink she told me its like chocolate milk with friend and youtube viewer ganesh requested me to do a video i was not to sure to record this recipe after all a dozen of them have already uploaded the same video over and over again but hey no one recorded in tamil so the recipe demo this time my friends is in tamil and very indian try this recipe as adults we have our own taste kids will love this recipe for sure...enjoy...:)
This time the recipe video demo is in tamil do watch and enjoy...:)

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