Thứ Ba, 18 tháng 1, 2011

Palak Kadhi / Spinach in Yogurt Gravy

There are two reasons for me making this dish, firstly kadhi is all my time favorite comfort food and second I had a big bag of spinach sitting in my fridge that I had to finish :). I am glad I made this because I know this will be a regular in our household now. Two reasons again. My not-so-much-kadhi-loving dear hubby had second serving of it and was raving the whole time how good it tasted and second it is a much healthier option than the regular with pakodas that I often make so no deep frying required and obviously it is full of all the goodness of spinach. We had it with some peas pulao but I bet it will taste awesome with some plain hot steamed rice and spicy crispy potato bhunjiya/fry. Do try it and you definitely will fall in love with this simple, rustic n comforting dish :)
I got the idea while I was chatting with mom on the phone the other day. She casually mentioned eating a version of it at a get together. It hit home with me. So the idea was 'bookmarked' in my head right then and there over the phone :)
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