Thứ Hai, 3 tháng 1, 2011

Braided Bread with Paneer Stuffing

Welcome back friends to the start of a brand new year. Yes of course the holidays are over :( but then again 2011 fills me with enthusiasm and hope, all 365 days worth of it!

The mercury is steadily dipping and in the past couple of weeks we've seen some of the coldest weather in my few years in this part of the world... but I'm not complaining... totally loving it sipping hot coffee, getting to wear all the winter gear which have been bought and boxed up for a while, being lazy, cooking only occasionally and enjoyed the holidays to the fullest with family.
Now, coming back to the kitchen, there’s something about baking bread that gives me a high. And when I bake one, my fingers itch to make another one. I still jump for joy when I watch the dough rise, as I did the very first time.
There are hundreds of temptations all over the web that keeps me motivated to bake a new and different kind every time. I have been eying this beautiful braided bread for sometime now and finally tried it this weekend. I was a bit unsure as to how it would turn out, but was not in the least bit disappointed. Of course, I still have got a long long way to go and I don't claim to be a bread baking veteran but I do enjoy my little experiments now and then. My family adores them all… and I graciously take all the compliments :)
My brother is visiting us for the holidays and he was totally *wowed* by what he called one of my masterpieces straight out of an upscale bakery! lol... (he is still getting over the fact that his sis can cook ha-ha)... we had it fresh out of the oven and later pan toasted with some butter and the the whole big loaf was finished in no time... when that happens, I know it was good for sure... loved it!!
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