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Filter Coffee My Way

3 Tsp Coarse Ground Coffee
2 Tsp Sugar
1 Cup Milk
2 Cups Water
I'm using a traditional coffee filter for my filter coffee. We don't prefer the electric coffee maker we are so used to this filter coffee almost every day we brew coffee using this filter. mom never uses the stem which comes along with the filter i don't know why in my video demo I've shown how to prepare the filter coffee if you don't have this filter at home try to get one its cheap no electricity required and strong coffee is ready in 5 to 10 minutes I also use this filter to prepare my herbal drink this filter is very useful for me.
Lets Prepare:
  • Boil the water and milk we need hot milk and water for this recipe.
  • I've used the filter to brew my coffee in the filter I've added the coffee and pressed it down a bit using back of the spoon.
  • Add the hot water to the coffee and cover the lid allow the coffee to drip in the bottom compartment. 

  • Once the coffee is collected to the bottom compartment use as much as coffee require per person add milk and sugar stir well and serve hot...Enjoy...:)
I've done a detail demo video do watch and enjoy....:)

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