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Hazelnut-Mocha Macarons

I have been an ardent admirer of this fabulous French dessert. I have been drooling for so long at all those pretty macarons on web, each time wondering if I ought to give it a shot. I usually take up a challenge, but the  horror stories of disasters with this beautiful but so temperamental dessert always made me take a step back. Well long-story-short, I did finally manage the courage to try it and as you can see from the results I think I earned myself some serious bragging rights... lol.

Here's a little excerpt with a little background -
(Dating back to the 18th century, the macaron is a traditional French pastry, made of  egg-whites, almond powder, icing sugar and sugar. This sweet pastry came out of the French courts’ baker’s oven as round meringue-like domes with a flat base.
Macarons, also anglicized “macaroons”, are not to be confused with a similar pastry also called ‘macaroons’. Macarons are sandwich-like pastries made with two thin cookies and a cream or ganache between the cookies. Macaroons are dense cookies made either with coconut or with a coarse almond paste.

Read on if you'd like to hear some bragging :)
I must admit, I was very much intimidated by these and had basically convinced myself that these were way out of my league and I should never think of making them. Watching the 'Master Chef India' episode on StarPlus and all the contestants making disastrous macrons, I just had to try it even if I failed. I started with google and zeroed in on this recipe on food network . I read it at least 100 times over, saw a few videos on you tube and with butterflies in my stomach reminding me of my math's tests in school, set upon making these beauties this past weekend with my hubby (who btw is the most amazing and talented sous chef in the world and my constant motivator). Each and every step was followed closely and when I finally put them in the oven... will they crack or melt or will they hold... no one gets macrons right the first time... the apprehension heightened by the fact hat you can not even take a peek... you have to wait patiently for the timer to run out... and then... moment of truth... 
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