Thứ Hai, 13 tháng 9, 2010

Barota or Parota

  • 2 Cups Maida = All purpose flour 
  • 8-10 Tbsp of Corn Strach or flour 
  • 1/4 Cup Oil 1 Tsp Salt 
  • Water to knead the dough.

 prepare dough: 
  •  On a work surface add the maida and make a well in the middle add salt and knead adding water once you form a dough add 2tbsp of oil and knead well as you would knead for any bread or bun, knead for 10mins and allow to rest for 1/2 hour.

Lets prepare:
  • Make roundels and roll out into thin roti with out dipping in flour you can spread oil on the dough while rolling out the roti.
  • spread a tsp of oil on the rolled out roti and sprinkle maida and corn strach and smear even on the roti. 
  • pick the entire roti and creat fan shape and roll it back into a snail shape. 
  • roll the roti out to 1/2 inch rounds.
  • heat a tava or pan and fry the roti in medium flame adding a tsp of oil to either sides of the roti.
  • Serve hot with any curry and enjoy...:)

I've done a detail recipe video demo it was fun doing this parota do watch and enjoy...:)

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