Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 9, 2010

Whole Wheat Stuffed Buns

ince the past few days I was craving those spicy veg stuffed buns which we used to always eat from our local fav bakeries back home. These are basically soft buns stuffed with a spicy veg filling. Also the fact that Mr. Yeast  and I are now on good terms... in fact we are now friends :) gave me some added courage to try it for myself. Let me tell you, if you are yeast skeptic as I was before, once you start getting comfortable with yeast you will want to use in everything... they are addictive. After making the pav buns a few weeks ago I thought to give this a try and boy I was glad I did as these turned out fantabulous... and so perfect we loved it. They were tasty to the last bite and very very addictive.  Smelled heavenly while baking and were gone in no time once they came out of the oven. A super hit!!!! The best part my hubby said these are the best buns he has ever eaten and they tasted better than the store bought ones ;D
I tried  to make them little healthier by using whole wheat  flour... so that I can continuously convince myself while gobbling them up that these are healthy and so ok to eat and not feel guilty afterwards... he he which I did!!
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