Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 9, 2010

Hyderabadi Bhaghare Baingan / Eggplant in sesame peanut sauce

Hyderabadi cuisine refers to the cuisine from a region in the south-eastern part of India. It  is highly inspired by the Mughlai cuisine.The word "Nawabi" is as synonymous with the Hyderabadi cuisine as "Shahi" is with Lucknowi. Hyderabadi recipes are famous for their rich taste and unique use of ingredients, roasted spices and aromatic flavors. This eggplant dish has all these components and more... baby eggplants simmered in roasted peanuts, sesame, coconut sauce with lots of indigenous spices cooked to perfection. It is utterly lip-smacking... even if you are a eggplant hater you can't ignore this one. It is very easy to prepare and has a very rich creamy taste which will compel you to make it again and again :) or if you have an eggplantoholic hubby as mine..  he will compel you to make it again and always. Also you can bribe him with this to get him to take you shopping for the whole day or spa or just whatever. I have used it for this trick a few times lol.. shhhh....:D
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