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Rajma masala/Red beans curry

long with simple dals and kadhis another dish that I strongly believe falls into comfort food zone is Rajma-Chawal. Delicious Red Kidney Beans simmered in  aromatic and spicy onion-tomato gravy served with a steaming bowl of basmati rice is a special favorite of mine any day anytime ;)
Rajma and rice is a combination totally made for each other. So much so that I just can not write anything about rajma alone, I have to mention the rice to make it complete! Truly a combo to die for! This is my second love after kadhi chawal. I am yet to meet someone who does not like it. This is one dish that takes me back to my childhood days. Mom used to make this almost every lazy Sunday afternoon, with just plain steamed basmati rice and some boondi raita, a family favorite. Hubby never liked it much before but he likes it the way I make 'em. So this dish is now my family favorite too.
Besides being so delicious, this is also very good for you as the red beans are a rich source of antioxidants and contain cholesterol lowering fibers and obviously protein.
The dish is of Punjabi origin but popular almost all over India. Whenever I make it, I make enough so it last us for at least two meals. Somehow the next day it always tastes better. So great for entertaining too, make them ahead. Serve and impress everyone :)
This again is my mom's recipe.

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