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Vegetarian Sushi

I had always heard a lot about Sushi. I had the impression that Sushi had raw fish (which by the way as far as I have seen is true for the most part) so never even thought of ever eating it. This one time, soon after we got married and I came to the US, hubby and I went to a wedding ceremony of one of his colleagues. Sadly they did not have much food. Only some light snacks and drinks. So after the ceremony on our way back we decided to get lunch. He said he knew a Thai-Japanese place that was pretty good. At the restaurant we saw they had vegetarian sushi on the menu. I got all excited about it and we ordered it. When it arrived, it looked really pretty. Got me even more excited to try it out. Hated it. I almost spit it out in my napkin. I kid you not. To my surprise thought, hubby seemed to like it. Well anyway that was end of Sushi for me for a very long time. Recently we went to another Thai restaurant where I got brave (you guys probably noticed by now I do get brave occasionally) and tried it again. This time I liked it a little better and figured may be if I made it using my own components, it would work for me. So went out and got all the ingredients with my choice of veggies and tried it at home. It was not the easiest thing I had done but following closely a few online videos and the package instructions of the sushi rice, it worked. To give credit where its due, let me tell you for the life of me, I could not roll and cut the sushi. So hubby was tasked to do it :) and he was a Man about it, no pun intended. Look at the pictures can't you tell :D

For a little general knowledge, if you are not aware of what Sushi is, here's a little excerpt from Wikipedia.
Sushi s a Japanese dish consisting of cooked vinegary rice which is commonly topped with other ingredients, such as fish or other seafood or put into rolls. There are different kinds as nigirzushi, sasimi, inarizushi etc. Sushi that is served rolled inside or around dried and pressed sheets of seaweed or nori is makizushi. Sushi is made with white, short-grained, Japanese rice mixed with a dressing made of vinegar and salt. The black seaweed wrappers are called nori. Nori is a type of algae, traditionally cultivated in the harbors of Japan.
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