Thứ Tư, 22 tháng 9, 2010

Marbled Banana Bundt cake (Eggless)

To be honest banana - as a fruit - is not something I am completely in love with ;) I still buy them for my daughter and hubby. It so happened once, that I had bought some and both of them were going through a 'no bananas' phase... so it was sitting on my kitchen counter getting ready to be trashed. I hate to waste food, so I went online for some ideas and I read about banana bread. I tweaked and tried some recipes, made the bread... got brave... and tasted it and couldn't believe I liked the banana flavor in the bread :) Next time I added some chocolate in it and it got even more awesome (chocolate just makes everything better). After having made banana breads a few times I tried making banana cakes and it was  a super hit... simple yet impressive, plain yet elegant because of the shape of the bundt cake pan (my new proud possession) it was baked in. The cake has a wonderful texture,  is very moist because of the sour cream which I am currently obsessed with and put in almost everything I bake, particularly when doing egg less. I also marbled it to give it a nice appearance.  It can be served  as dessert and it also  goes wonderfully with a cuppa coffee or hot chocolate in the morning for breakfast or after dinner. Also I don't use eggs so can be enjoyed by pure vegetarians too. It is also a hit with kids and is terribly easy to make .

Here goes the recipe-
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