Thứ Hai, 6 tháng 9, 2010

Garlic Dinner Rolls/Pav Bun

gain like a lot of other things, I always considered making my own bread way out of my league. I love to bake and I love bread so I had always wanted to give it a shot. After getting my cakes, muffins and naans right, I finally gathered enough courage to give these rolls a shot. I was inspired by our local Italian restaurant. They have awesome garlic rolls and they serve them free of charge when you go for dinner. So you can imagine I always ensure I get my fix whenever I go for dinner :) My attempt at this worked and the buns turned out perfect. The smell of fresh bread baking in the oven is absolutely irresistible... Ahh... the entire house is filled with that wonderful aroma. It is almost therapeutic for me :)
Here's how I went about it-
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